Your boss might not like you reading this…..

left behindKym Quick, the MD of listed recruitment company Clarius announced her resignation a few weeks ago. Her resignation was possibly not a massive surprise, but it was the reasons she gave in her announcement, which grabbed my attention.

“The world is changing and our industry is changing with it so it’s a positive thing for the business in terms of having the opportunity to re-evaluate and hopefully look at the future and where we sit”

For the last 12 months, possibly longer, Clarius’ performance has, by their own admission, not been fantastic. A business that was once one of the darlings of the industry in Australia, has seemingly lost its way somewhere along the line, as Kym pretty much said in her resignation.

Clarius has been a long-standing client of ours and, whilst I have never met Kym myself, my colleagues know her well and hold her in vey high regard. Her track record is certainly very impressive and she has achieved more than most ever will. In certain areas, Clarius is well in front of the industry, specifically their growth into Asia and now looking at the power of social media. But, by her own admission, she recognises that the industry is continuing to change dramatically, and it is testament to her that she feels Clarius would be better served with someone else at the helm.

Kym’s resignation message raises some very important question that everyone who is serious about a career in recruitment should be asking, now more than ever. Questions like “Is the person heading up this company understand recruitment today and is moving with the times?”……“Is the culture here one that is genuinely open to change and doing things differently?”……. “What are we doing differently than we did 12 months ago”.

Obviously there is a lot to consider when choosing who you work with. But surely the most important thing is that they are going to help you be successful….and that means moving with the times. So if you can’t answer those questions positively then you should be asking yourself one more……“Where is this company going to be in 2 years and where does that leave me?”


Congratulations Kym on a very successful career and best wishes for the future.


Luke Collard



8 thoughts on “Your boss might not like you reading this…..

  1. Ross Clennett (@rossclennett) on Reply

    I know Kym a little having run some training programs for her when she was in charge of Alliance. I have a lot of respect for her and the issues she has had to confront at Clarius have been no fault of hers. Burdened with too many under performing businesses and with $67 million of write-downs in the past 3 years (the consequences of pre-GFC Clarius Board decisions) Kym really hasn’t had a chance.

    The cost of servicing debt has meant nothing left over to reinvest into the business and Kym’s been forced to try and drive growth on the smell of an oily rag. It’s a wonder she’s stuck it out as long as she has.

    I hope Kym enjoys a long holiday and returns to the recruitment industry. We can’t afford to lose talented people like her.

    1. Scott on Reply

      It won’t be the first time the moneychangers ruined a solid, profitable operation by piling on unserviceable debt and running off its talent.

  2. Carl Lovelock on Reply

    As an ex-Candle GM I’ll be interested to see who next gets a shot at the title – there have been a few.

  3. Brad on Reply

    Reading endless stories such as this and seeing it for myself… I’ve chosen to stay lean and mean in my recruitment surrounding. Don’t get bogged down with the agencies with massive overheads and demanding endless profit – keep it lean and mean, stay nimble and keep the quality in the practice.

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