Women are better recruiters than men… you were right Mr Savage…

Well what do you know? Back in December 2011 Greg Savage penned a blog post announcing that women were better recruiters than men. He waxed lyrical about how women are better listeners… more resilient… better billers…

I was up in arms… I mean how dare he sell out like that? I was a guy (still am…), he was a guy (still is…). And, yet here was an icon of the recruitment game, firmly pitching his tent in the other camp.
sexism1Don’t get me wrong, I am all for equality… I believe in equal pay for both sexes (except in Grand Slam Tennis… if you want to know why just ask me…), I believe there should be no barrier career-wise to either sex, (135 words in and I mention sex for the first time in a blog about sex… well not about sex per see, but sexes…). And I definitely believe that discrimination by gender should not be tolerated in any way. It sucks.

To place one sex above the other (no visual intended), doesn’t sit well with me, and I thought that’s what Greg was doing in his post. It was observational, rather than statistical. I felt it was just another example of the sexual revolution gone crazy… like female only gyms, mothers’ clubs and the like. So, in my outrage I left a pointed comment lambasting his outrageous observations. I said words to the effect of… well actually not to the effect of… this is my exact comment reprinted below.

You must have been hard up for a topic this week – generally your posts are insightful, not today. This is utter tosh! I’m pretty sure if you went to any specialist in the Engineering or IT field their top billers would paint a different picture, just as if you focused on Office Support it would skew the other way. Be very careful with your ‘facts’ and I’d be very interested to know what the gender split in your business is overall???’

Which brings me, (in a kinda long-winded fashion) to my point today. He was actually right. So firstly… sorry Greg. I spent the better part of three years trying to disprove your theory, but the stats back up your observations…

We are just winding up our annual recruitment consultant census. It is the second year we have conducted it. Last year we had just over 1100 responses… and this year we have had a little over 800. But it is still open until the end of June, so if you haven’t already, please complete by clicking here
sexism2The results, benchmarks & trends to date have been interesting to say the least, but in terms of gender on gender results let me say that the girls have it in all of the key categories…

Longevity – a higher % of females have been in the recruitment industry for more than 3 years. (by 9.36%)

Tenure – a higher % of females have been with their current employer for more than 2 years. (by 2%)

Billings – on average more males bill less than $25k per month than females. (by 14.67%)

Salary – more females are paid a base salary of $60k (or less) than males. (by 7.99%)

There you have it. If you were a recruitment business owner or manager looking to grow your team what would you do?

Simple statistics tell me that guys… you need to lift your game… and girls… congratulations… well played!

We will be releasing some general statistics from our consultant survey, including trends based on last years’ results during July. If you are interested in a set of results specific to your sector/business let me know.

Oh… and a final unapologetic call to arms for recruiters to please complete the census, by clicking the link above… or here.

And… finally… finally, I need to make a stand for the weaker sex here and finish with something we can all enjoy…

‘How can you tell when a woman is going to say something intelligent?

She starts the conversation with… “A man once told me…”

Sorry… that was the cleanest one I could find…

Craig Watson


10 thoughts on “Women are better recruiters than men… you were right Mr Savage…

    1. Jeanine Greig on Reply

      Females might be better recruiters, but there are many studies that show females are less capable and not as high functioning as men. Science has proved that the female brain is smaller, even when body size is taken into account, and the female brain possesses less neurons than the male brain. A study has also shown that the IQ of females is 5 points lower than the IQ of males. In addition, at the genius level, brilliant males out number brilliant females by 8 to 1. These results probably explain the excessive savage, gossiping, under handed, and catty behavior exhibited by females against other females in office settings. Females go out of their way to target and bully other females; Forbes magazine stated female on female bullying in professional environments is on the rise. I’ve been the victim of vicious female bullying on every job I’ve held. I also think one of the reasons females earn less is because they don’t work as hard. I’ve always witnessed females using the office as a place to socialize and flirt, while the men are burying themselves under work. Men are solution oriented and make far more rational decisions with regard to work related matters. Females make biased, inconsequential, emotional decisions that have NOTHING to do with job related issues. I think females are better at and more comfortable with being sexual than intellectual.

  1. Steve Cross on Reply

    What a load of b…..s The survey holds as much value as a politicians promise. Decidely lacking in a lot of areas. I might be more ready to believe your comments if there was any real facts involved. As is typical of this industry its all about percentages. Far too much credence is put on them.

    1. Craig Watson rec-to-rec on Reply

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your ‘to the point’ comments! Unfortunately though the stats just don’t lie… 1000+ responses mean very clean data…
      PS. What areas do you find it lacking? We do cover far more than the 3 areas focused for this post…

      1. Steve Cross on Reply

        What is lacking (to my eyes) is geography, type of recruitment (Permanent, Contract, Temp), and the obvious area, which is most likely unable to be answered; their employment contracts – Base Pay plus Bonus structures. These are obviously not the same across all Recruitment Companies and not able to be measured. Also, the work environment, positive or negative; who is more willing to say “goodbye” to their current employers if they are not happy. To my mind there is insufficient data to make a definitive comment

        1. Craig Watson rec-to-rec on Reply

          Hi Steve,
          Thanks for clarifying. We do drill down in a number of the areas you mention – especially base vs OTE or bonus/comms. I can also drill down on geography… but even so… the girls come out on top of the guys in the key areas recruitment owners are looking to hire in…

  2. Dave Reed on Reply

    Great article, although one thing I’ve noticed is that women in recruitment seem to have had more jobs than their male counterparts – they move more often.

  3. Jessica Hellman on Reply

    Interesting article…and as a female recruiter it was a great read. That being said I would really take it a step further. Women are simply better at sales. Yes men exceed in other careers (no argument there), but when it comes to sales (which is essentially what recruiting is) women are better listeners, more sincere, and can identify the “pain” of our clients without all the BS. And because it is mostly men who make the buying decisions – men prefer to buy from women. Do I have stats to spew – NO. But I have read a lot on this topic and have 20 (plus) years experience in sales that validate what may seem to some as an opinion. Let the ridiculous responses begin…

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