Upon launching TWR, I reflected on my extensive recruitment career to define The Written Reference’s core values and what would make this business different. No matter where I worked, I always encountered people who weren’t passionate about what they do. They worked for a pay check which often translated into a lack of integrity, putting commissions ahead of their client/candidate’s needs. I work for finding that perfect placement, feeding my passion through the genuine satisfaction of people loving where they work!

Lets Do This!

At TWR, we are all about creating partnerships, serving as the conduit between the ambitious candidate and the ardent client. In a candidate driven market, establishing a strong client relationship is critical to us. We are going to sell your business to a future star and work hard to know how far you’ve come, where you’re going and what makes your company an employer of choice.

As a candidate, our first catch up will have very little to do with any current roles on offer. Instead we’ll discuss where you’re at, what your career goals are and how we can help you achieve them. Think of it as therapy for your career! When we know what drives you professionally and personally, we will do everything to make sure your next step is taken with direction and confidence.

With enduring candidate and client relationships in place, TWR strives to become a true partner and advocate for you or your business.

The Written Reference