Why I am falling out of love with LinkedIn

loveHi LinkedIn

We need to talk. ….

I remember the day we met. It was great. You were the most attractive thing I had seen in ages.  I wanted to spend all my time with you, enjoyed getting to know you better and …uummm…playing around with your features. I got to know lots of your other friends and they got to know me. It was all fun.

But that was a few years ago. Now, I need to tell you that you have become a bit of a slut.

Your insistence on us making new friends all the time is annoying. It was great at the start to meet new people. But you just want me to continue making more and more friends, although you don’t seem that bothered with whom. Like yesterday for example… …what makes you think I would want to be friends with an Accountant from Romania? Do you not know me at all? Apparently not, as you suggested last week I make friends with myself!

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I also don’t appreciate you going through my address book and suggesting that we contact everyone in it. I don’t even know some of those people very well, let alone have any possible ‘business’ connection with them.

And the more friends you ram down my throat, the more crap I get exposed to. If I see another ‘positive life message’, funny quote or get asked to do a really difficult maths questions I will scream (we have our weekly comedy and quiz nights at the self-help group for that sort of thing!).  Of course, it also means that it is harder for my crap to get seen too as, just like me, people become immune to the endless stream of updates…..unless it is a picture of a cow and horse (it’s popularity speaks volumes for what you are becoming by the way!).

And whilst I appreciate you trying to make me look good, please don’t keep asking our friends to say nice things about me. It means nothing when we don’t really know each other and just makes us, and you, look a bit silly.

I don’t think I am alone on this. I have noticed that lot’s of our friends just don’t come round anymore.  Maybe they just got fed up with it all too and don’t really see as much benefit in hanging out with you anymore? (By the way, the least you could do is to get rid of the stuff they leave behind, but for some reason you refuse to ever get rid of anything).

I get that the very point of your existence is to be as popular as you can. But it seems as though you are just interested in running a self-serving, noisy popularity contest.

I will stick around a bit longer. You still have enough going on for me to be interested. But I am not sure for how long. I already don’t visit you as much as I used to. Maybe it’s me – maybe we just need a break.  Although, I am taking Google+ out next week…and if that goes well who knows ……I might leave you forever. Especially if you are going to charge me a lot in the future to get to your really good bits!




13 thoughts on “Why I am falling out of love with LinkedIn

  1. Geraldine Ellis-Maguire on Reply

    A really great post. We work with organisations to develop corporate alumni communities and Linkedin is always one of the technology platforms that comes up as a potential technology provider. The challenge of course is that you don’t own the terms of business, the content, the IP or the security settings of your community members.

  2. Darren Ledger on Reply

    Great post, I am actually in the process of writing a more detailed account of the challenges and issues facing LinkedIn specifically with a focus on fraudulent, fictitious and fake profiles as well as the major challenge around data protection that they are going to face imminently.

    I’ll share with you once I have completed it.

  3. Charlie H on Reply

    This is great especially “And the more friends you ram down my throat, the more crap I get exposed to. If I see another ‘positive life message’, funny quote or get asked to do a really difficult maths questions I will scream.” This stuff drives me insane.

  4. Stephen Turnock (@StephenTurnock) on Reply

    Great post thanks Luke and I agree with Darren. I would add I really like the way LI listens to users and how they implement new ideas based on users wants [not]. Also they never switch off a service without advance warning [not] and always keep supporting a service when its popular and useful [not] and especially like how they don’t insist on telling you about invisible people that visit your profile [not] and the option to report as spam or inappropriate is always acted upon [not]!

  5. Barksdale on Reply

    Linkedin has never been worried about shoving itself down everyone’s throat. When it was a startup it was backed by aggressive venture capitalists and now its a listed entity its backed by aggressive hedge funds. Its their business model. Always has always will be.

    I’ve have never paid a single cent to LinkedIn and yet I have placed several candidates I’ve discovered residing within its walls and have harvested 1000’s upon 1000’s of contacts. I’ve placed with several of them to. Thank you Linkedin.

    My only quibble is people solemnly sharing pictures of Branson or Jobs with cod , philosophical business quotes. This is not big nor clever and gives the impression that linkedin is strictly a community of David Brents,

  6. Himanshu (@hv2008) on Reply

    Brilliant, lucid, enjoyable, very well written! Thank you.

    Must add my grouse; people who connect and never engage; their primary objective being, adding connections. What a waste!? Guess who will be spring cleaning on Linkedin during Christmas break?

  7. Janard on Reply

    Half or more than half of the responsibility rests with members as well. They use LinkedIn the way LinkedIn wants them to. Request members to exercise more common sense / wisdom and post technical / managerial material without fear or favor. Many ‘Contacts ” do not interact or care to see or reply messages. This shows their seriousness of professional networking.

  8. Ken on Reply

    It’s also frustrating that the “ram” potential contacts at you that you can’t even connect with. You click on the “connect button” and all you can check is the “I don’t know xxx” if you don’t want to lie, no common groups nothing – useless feature

    The cost is an issue today. You now have to pay, and pay a lot, for things that used to come for free. How far will they push this before we all decided that the service is useless to us unless we pay.

    Oh, love the tone of this article, a nice light way to have a rant.

  9. Rob Green on Reply

    Great post and all valid points in the comments section – especially Barksdale. I will continue to highlight (to anyone that will listen) that I believe LI is not a recruiters friend. They hire very smooth, very good sales people to actively sell against the need to use recruiters.

    They are conflicted, in one corner of their office is a guy that sells to recruitment firms (especially the ludicrously over priced “Recruiter” product), and in the other corner is the team that sells their products to corporate’s highlighting how much they will save not having to use recruiters anymore.

    I know this because my wife has been pitched to by LI (they obviously don’t know she is married to a guy that owns a rec firm). I also have it on good authority from people in the industry that have been interviewed by LI that they appear to be on a mission to rid the world of us dastardly agents. In HK they have even started to sponsor rec industry networking nights and organise seminars to further infiltrate the industry and pretend to be our friend. I may sound paranoid, but listed firms have to keep making money, they have to keep growing and US firms are known for their aggressiveness.

    I said many years ago, when LI was still pertaining to be a “professional networking site”, that all it was was a monster.com with Facebook attached – that it was a job board (this can be backed up by the number of maths puzzles, status updates about how people are feeling, people “liking” one another’s new photo’s! etc). People thought I was mad and stupid. At least now they openly admit they are a recruitment tool, judging by the way their senior management were talking about capturing passive candidates on Bloomberg TV a few weeks back.

    Anyway – that’s enough of me and my rant against LI, I still use it for business development. But recruiters should be very afraid. This is a listed company that has to keep adding value to its backers and shareholders – it has to keep growing, it has to keep people on it and engaged and it has to keep making money. How will it do this? Probably by creating new products that will go up against Bullhorn, Adapt and other recruitment CMS systems and fresher products that will be promoted as an alternative to expensive Agents, all sold by young, beautiful and hungry sales professionals.

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