When Recruiters are Sick…

ill2So I’ve been off work for a week today! I had a cold… that progressed to flu… that scurried on to pneumonia… Pneumonia!!! I know right… 1868 wants its disease back.

Anyway, facts are I am bored shitless. I am confined to bed, with no voice and a box and a half of empty tissues strewn around the room like the aftermath of the Moomba Parade… or Mardi Gras… or Victory in Europe Day… you fill in the visual blanks. I’m too sick.

Recruiters aren’t supposed to get sick you know? We have clients with ongoing demands, candidates in the middle of life-changing processes… and… if you’re like me unruly employees who keep calling you to laugh at your squeaky, pre-pubescent voice… and who fall about it fits of laughter if they can somehow instigate a coughing fit that costs me a lung and an extra few layers of skin (or whatever they call it, I’m not a doctor… or nurse), from my throat.

ill1I’m not supposed to get sick. I can’t afford to get sick. And what sort of unforgiving, tormenting God makes me sick on school holidays?

So… anyway… lying here in my sick bed I have devised an easy… 5 step program for recruiters to manage a long term illness… you’re welcome.

  1. Email – Have you ever used this new fandangled invention they call email? It’s brilliant it is! I have contacted all of my clients to let them know the state of play… all of my candidates… and… I’ve emailed Luke to ask him to look after all of them. Job Done.
  2. Social Media – Lying here with nothing else to do all day is a perfect opportunity to improve my business social media presence. I have been working on driving new Twitter & Instagram followers. New connections on LinkedIn and expanding our Facebook presence. It’s working brilliantly… and if you want to know more – contact me to book in some training. See what I did there?
  3. ill3Clients – We all have a long list of prospective clients right? Do you have a convincing, proven solution that will help them with their headcount needs? Good… so do I. So use this time to contact them all by that new fandangled email thingy and set up meetings. Watson Collard Tip… make sure you know how long you are going to be sick for… you don’t want to be rescheduling first client meetings…
  4. Candidates – Simple… spend your time mapping markets. What speciality do you work in? Make sure you know where every single person in your market is working and what role they have. Try to get contact details for them. Put all of this data into your ATS/CRM/Database or whatever you call it. I also keep up to date excel spreadsheets.
  5. Business Plan – Anyone who has read any of my blogs knows that your desk is really your business… so plan. Do a SWOT analysis and a 3, 6, 9 12 month plan in terms of activities and achievements. Then… stick to it.

So, there you go. You can be productive whilst ill. If you’re like me and you get bored fill in your time with the above. It will ensure that you are not chasing your tail when you get back to the office, and you won’t go mad whilst you are at home.

I’m due some antibiotics & a hot soup… see you when I get back!

Craig Watson


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