What? Who the Hell are you?

Most of us work in small recruitment companies… or small practices within larger recruitment companies… or small teams within larger practices within huge recruitment companies… doesn’t matter. The point is most of us who have been with a business for any period of time work very closely with a small group of colleagues… stay with me here… I am getting to a point… albeit a trivial one… well it’s not trivial to me, but you be the judge.

blogSo… I’ve established that most of us work closely with a small group of colleagues. My point is that over a period of time you would get to know them pretty well… right? You would learn most of their dark, buried and twisted secrets. The things they would share with trusted colleagues… no more than that… friends.

And now on to my little story…

It’s been a HUGE week in our little office. Aside from the fact that there are visible signs of positivity from our clients… Thank God… am I allowed to say that? We had two of the most happy and amazing events you could hope for:

  1. Our wonderful, beautiful and talented colleague Jen, (I think I may have referred to her as Genny in a previous blog, but her name is definitely Jen… or Jennifer… just don’t call her Jenny), announced to the world that she – along with her partner Alex – are expecting their first child! We couldn’t be happier… and I hope to bring you further updates in the coming months…
  2. Luke – my business partner and friend –  got married to his long term (and long suffering) partner Georgie over the weekend… A small intimate ceremony in the rolling hills of Castlemaine. And a fabulous reception in the 150 year old Theatre Royal…and here is where we pick up the story.

Now I have known Luke for over 10 years. We work together… socialise together… like the same sports. I probably spend more time with Luke than I do with my wife… so how is it that during the Best Man’s Speech at Luke’s wedding I learnt more about the man in 10 minutes than I had done in the previous 10 years?

Seriously, who could have known that Luke was (at different points in his life):

  • A Backpacker Hostel Manager – singularly responsible for a fire that burnt down said hostel and made the top story of every major television news broadcast nationally… this is where Georgie first cast her eyes on our gallant hero.
  • A travelling Carnie operating such delicate sideshows as the Laughing Clowns whilst calling ‘Roll up… Roll up… Every child wins a prize…’
  • Attempted to launch a singer/songwriter career by creating his own boy band… don’t believe me? Watch the video…

This list goes on… and on.

What’s the point of this blog you may ask? Hmmm good question. I’d love to say it’s about the importance of really knowing your colleagues. How an acute understanding of those you work with will make for a happier… more productive workplace. I’d like to say it’s to illustrate how people are motivated by different things and how you motivation may change over time… I’d like to… but the reality is that Luke is away on a short honeymoon break… and there is no way on earth I would ever be able to get this footage out in the blogosphere if her were here… I love you buddy!

My main question is however, is why didn’t you aspire to be a professional dancer?… Watch the video... I guess there’s still time.

Craig Watson


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