Viva La Recruitment Revolution!

It’s time people… It’s time… I just got back from the Fiji Recruitment Industry (RCSA) conference and I saw something I thought I would never see in my lifetime… a huge generational shift in thinking and action in our industry!

Like most other attendees, I was looking forward to the weather, the networking, the weather, the drinking, the weather, the golf and the weather… but what I got was an overload of new ideas, better ways of recruiting, a gaggle of new contacts, and – funnily enough – some bloody good weather!

Look, if anyone – and I mean anyone – in your direct network (work colleague, Linked In contact, Facebook friend etc.) attended the conference, offer to buy them a coffee and learn what they learned – you will not be disappointed. Terms like collaboration, social media, flexibility, humanisation and bula were on high rotation.  Gone were the old themes, of managing by KPI’s, how to run a profitable Temp desk and introduction to successful recruitment consulting.

It is now incumbent on all delegates who attended the conference to go back to their workplace and implement change.  Most, of course will be lost, forgotten and mis-remembered, but for those who do share – and implement – the learnings, your businesses will be far better equipped for the present, and the future of recruitment.

For my part, I think for too long we have focussed on recruitment owners and managers.  It’s time to look closely at what really makes a top performing consultant.  Motivators, actions and experiences – and my commitment to you is that I will gather and present this data within the next 6 months.

Just think about it, harnessing the power of new technologies for sourcing candidates and clients, coupled with the DNA of the peak performing consultant – you and your business will be unstoppable.

My advice is – be part of the recruitment revolution, not a casualty…

Oh, and just an aside… I was lying in a hammock… on the beach… (I did tell you I was in Fiji didn’t I?)… sipping a pina colada… eating fresh tropical fruits… during an amazing sunset… watching a flock of birds, and I thought… If I could fly, who would I shit on?

Craig Watson


2 thoughts on “Viva La Recruitment Revolution!

  1. ianmlindgren on Reply

    Times are certainly changing and labour hire companies need to embrace them as candidates start to dictate more forcefully the need for more than a coffee at contract signature and renewal time. I believe a Candle rep spoke of this and it was eye opening for some, however I can tell you as the CEO of PayMe Australia that we get over ten calls a week from contractors wanting to bypass recruiters.

    We don’t work that way, the recruiter has a place and can be supported by a prossionsl and transparent contractor management company. However the commission structure for recruiters is flawed. The team needs to work as a team and benefit as a team not an individual.

    Change is needed to survive…. Who moved my cheese!

  2. Lysha Holmes on Reply

    Well written and I literally felt the sun warming the words! I totally agree, the UK recruitment sector seems to have experienced the cultural shift and there is a clear distinction now between companies who embrace collaboration, social media, empowerment, trust, partnership and those who are “old skool” who talk about call rates and boiler room style management. I relish the former and avoid the latter and lets hope more companies take note of the lessons you learned. And next time, send me an invite please 🙂

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