Very superstitious….writings on the wall

stevie wonder“Very superstitious…writings on the wall”. As Mr Stevie Wonder once said in one of his finer moments of musical genius.  An interesting start to a blog that is meant to be about recruitment…. where are you going with this? What do the upbeat funky tunes of  a musical icon have to do with recruitment? Nothing at all as far as I know…. but then I am happy to build a blog around a very tenuous link.  So here goes…

Yesterday, my colleague, Craig, was waiting on the result of a lengthy process that would see him place a senior guy. Everything had been done from his side and he was just waiting for a decision from the client. He had a good feeling about it but there were some factors outside of his control that could still mean it might not happen.  If that were me, I would be nervously pacing up and down the office, jumping every time the phone went. However Craig was ultra calm.

“Well, there is nothing more I can do now…. and in any case I have my lucky cufflinks on. They never let me down. It’s a done deal.”

I am not a very superstitious person. I gave up thinking that my lucky cufflinks would help me when I wore them to the races last year and ended up without a winner all day.  But some people believe in that stuff.

Jennifer, who also works with us, swears by not working out the exact fee before the deal is complete. In fact, put a calculator in front of her when an offer is on the cards and she loses it! A chap I used to work with would tap the phone 3 times before making a sales call to a client. Then there are lucky socks, lucky jocks, your lucky cup; whatever it might be, some people swear by superstition.

That is all fine…unless you are relying on it. Obviously, I don’t think anyone actually believes that wearing your lucky socks will make you successful alone. But when you start ‘relying on ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ and ‘maybes’  (in other words luck), you are in trouble.  And that is not uncommon. How many times have you heard a colleague, or yourself, saying, “If this and that happens then it will be fine”. When you start going down that path, well you might say that the writing is on the wall (and he brings it full circle!!!)

Whilst am not a superstitious person, especially since my lucky cufflinks have clearly lost their magic, I do have a chink in the armour. During my career there seems to have been an uncanny link between how successful I am (or not) at work, and the various results of the sports teams I follow. To make it awkward, it seems to work whereby when my teams have crap results, I do well at work. So the rise of the Tigers, a Lions whitewash over the Wallabies and the impending back-to-back Ashes victories for England is making me very nervous!

What about you? What, if any, superstitions do you have? Or what are some of the crazier ones you have seen during your career.   Add them to the comments section – let’s see how nuts recruiters really are!

By the way, Craig’s lucky cufflinks worked. Apparently they were always going to.

Luke Collard 


7 thoughts on “Very superstitious….writings on the wall

  1. Kevin Geerin on Reply

    Never leave any thing to Chance, if you have covered all your bases and Maintained Control of both your candidate and the Client Process , it will happen. I am not superstitious, I rely on my gut feel and it never lets me down, I also have a policy of never declaring it officially until my man is in the Job and even then I still maintain my progress follow up checks to ensure every one is happy and to identify any problem areas early.
    I am sure all consultants do the same so it is nothing new or rocket Science. It is just Good Recruitment.

  2. Emma on Reply

    Very funny! Our entire office has crystals, we cleanse them in the sun and give them a rub when we are clinching a deal haha. Of course we don’t rely on the power of the crystal but it’s fun and I still love it. I write my personal target down and place it underneath – it helps me focus. Whatever floats your boat I say 🙂

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