There’s only ever two reasons to move on…..

job career oppThere are only ever two reasons to move on from a job.

One. You need to.

Two. You want to.

Understanding which one of these camps your candidate sits in is the difference between whether they are looking for ‘a job’ or ‘an opportunity’. And that knowledge is key to being successful as a recruiter.

To me, a job is …well a job. Most of us have to have one, and if it is not this job then it could be another one. It might be a good job that you enjoy and get paid well to do. You are happy enough and not looking to change, although you accept that there will probably come a time when you will need to move on. And when that happens it might offer more money, more responsibility, a change of duties a better company…and that’s all great. But is it an opportunity?

An opportunity is something far more exciting. It is something that has the ability to take your career and life in a different direction, expose you to new and exciting things that you would never have experienced, motivate you, maybe allow you a much better standard of living, and potentially change your life significantly.

In recruitment we use the two words interchangeably. But they can be very different things…..

A job is not always an opportunity.

So if you are presenting ‘a job’ to a candidate who doesn’t need to move then you can’t really expect them to be very interested. “It’s sort of doing the same as you are doing now, with a fancier title and a bit more money” Whoopee-doo….where do I sign up!

But present them with ‘an opportunity’, something really juicy that has the potential to get them excited and there is a far better chance of getting their attention.

An opportunity will mean different things to different people. But before you start promising the world to clients and making headhunting calls, or considering your own next career step for that matter, ask “Where is the opportunity here?” The answer will determine who you can realistically attract – those who ‘need to’ or those who ‘want to’.  If you, or your client is not happy with the answer then you need to go back to the drawing board and get a bit creative with the spec. What else can we be doing here? If we are able to offer X then people will see this as a better opportunity?

I spend every day headhunting some of the hardest candidates in the world to convince to move…..successful recruiters! Whatever sector you work in, trust me…you will save yourself a lot of wasted time and heartache if you know the difference between what you are selling – ‘a job’ or ‘an opportunity’.

Luke Collard 

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