The value of ‘everyone else’……

I am currently in the UK, for what is commonly known as a working holiday (more emphasis on the ‘holiday’ than the ‘work’ in my case). Hence this will be a shorter blog than normal as I don’t want to miss out on topping up my tan / sipping cocktails on a beautiful beach /watching England in the Euros

Whilst I am here, I took the opportunity today to have lunch with the lovely ladies at QUI Recruitment. If you’re not familiar with them, QUI are one of the leading Rec-to-Recs in the UK. About a year ago, we formed a partnership with them to help us source UK-based recruiters who were interested in making the move down-under. In essence, this partnership meant that we could both service the needs of our clients and candidates better. And it has proven to work very well.

The reason for this is not just simply because they are in the UK and we need someone on the ground here. There are lots of Rec-to-Recs in the UK who partnering with would not have worked out as well. The key to why our relationship with QUI has worked so well, and the basic of any business partnership, is that we see things in a similar way. Having a partnership is all very well and good but it  only really works when both parties are singing from the same hymn sheet. And this can be difficult to achieve. In any industry there is the good, the bad and the ugly, and choosing a partner that is genuinely like-minded is difficult. For us, it was about working with a company that shared our vision of having quality, ethics, integrity and honesty at the heart of everything we did.  Sure every company tells that story. In fact, reading some corporate websites you would think you had landed on the homepage of the Dalai Lama. The truth is that few actually live it – and in recruitment that is, unfortunately, all too true. Fortunately for us, we found QUI.

As I chatted with Lysha and Jo over lunch, and we discussed all things recruitment, it also reminded me of a valuable lesson that my first boss told me:

“There are three important groups of people for a recruiter. Clients, candidates …… and then everyone else”.

QUI fit into the ‘everyone else’ category for me. I am never going to place anyone with them, nor are any of them likely to move out to Australia (although I did my best to persuade them!). Hell, technically they are my competitor. But having this partnership and making sure it is developed in the same way it would be with a client or candidate, is now a very important part of my business.

So, even if my lunch today with the lovely people from QUI is the only bit of work I do on my working holiday, it is very worth while.

Luke Collard


4 thoughts on “The value of ‘everyone else’……

  1. Gordon Alderson on Reply

    Hi Luke,
    Well done for escaping the freezing days we are having in Melbourne by being in the UK.
    Seriously – when your candidates become your clients because you deliver quality hirees (even if it wasn’t them in the first place) then you are really delivering on your promises of quality. And, if you do that expeditiously you are onto something that really works for ‘everyone else’

  2. hcg grocery list on Reply

    Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog
    loading? I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    1. lukecollard on Reply

      I haven’t heard of anyone else having problems with the images, although it can appear a bit different depending on which web browser you are using. Best viewed in Safari or Chrome. Thanks

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