The Recruitment World Cup 2014

world cupUnless you have been living under a rock recently, even the most passionate non sporty person will have realised that the biggest sporting tournament in the world kicks off tomorrow….. nope, not the 44th Annual Kenya ProAm Golf Challenge …..the Wold Cup. Even those that normally have no interest at all in the beautiful game (including die hard one eyed AFL and rugby fans), or those who don’t know their Lionel Messi from their Lionel Ritchie, will probably find themselves watching grown men kick a ball around at some point over the next month or so. Even my Mum has been known to enjoy the drama of a good penalty shoot out.

In our sports mad office, the World Cup has been a hot topic for a while as we dissect and analyse the teams and predict who is going to do what. In a vain attempt to try and make it ‘work related’, we played a little game this morning called “World Cup Recruitment Agencies”… what would it mean if each country were a recruitment agency:

Brazil – all about playing the beautiful game and looking beautiful whilst doing it, the Brazil agency is all about the show. It’s sales over service, and turnover and over profit. Big, bright and colourful… sometimes they even do well.

England – perennial underachievers, The English agency always promise a lot but rarely delivers. They constantly forecast results they never get close to achieving, and are so bogged down in red tape, reviews and layers of management, they will never change, however much they might want to.

Spain – what everyone aspires to be, the Spanish agency has strengths right across their business and is admired by everyone.

Australia – the underdog of the market, the Australia agency is a small boutique battling with the big boys that no one takes seriously.

Uruguay – very aggressive, the Uruguay agency doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about them, will happily play outside the rules and have been known to bite the hand that feeds it.

Switzerland – champion team, as opposed to a team of champions, the Switzerland agency plods along doing well without any big billers or big budgets.

Germany – well organised, the Germany agency is a well oiled machine that keeps trucking along regardless of who is working there. It is always hanging around, making a nuisance of itself, much to the annoyance of anyone that isn’t Germany

Belgium – normally not even on the radar for most people, the Belgium agency is currently boasting a golden generation, benefitting from training and developing their own over a number of years. and now able to mix it with the big boys

Argentina – the Argentina agency is built around one big biller who will make everyone else around them look good.

Cameroon – lots of energy, try very hard but with little strategy or direction, everyone wants the Cameroon agency to do well but you know that at some point they will score a few own goals.

Italy – often thinking that they are better than they are, the Italian agency has a sense of self worth that is often not justified. They have an issue with absenteeism as their staff commonly succumb to illness over the slightest thing. Boy band looks and a slick wardrobe will often be enough to be employed here

Columbia – drug problems?

Here at WatsonCollard, we decided we are Korea… splintered off from an existing country, trying to remain at the cutting edge of technology, most people know us but don’t expect too much !!!

What about you… which country is your recruitment agency and why?

Luke Collard


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