The Recruitment Whisperer

ImageEvery office needs one. They may not be the best biller. They may not be the best at business development. They may not be the most networked, the hardest worker or the next in line for promotion. But this person is worth their weight in gold.

Introducing the Recruitment Whisperer.

This is the person who has the ability to drag those prickly, awkward deals that just won’t behave themselves across the line. You know the ones. The deals that should happen but for a variety of reasons often don’t.  Maybe the offer has come in a bit on the low side and the candidate is just not going to budge. Maybe the client has started to negotiate at the back end of the deal. Maybe the candidate has got another offer on the table or being counter offered. We would love it if these things never happen but they do…that’s the game we are in.

In these scenarios we often turn to the boss for his / her experience and expertise. Or sometimes the boss decides their experience and expertise is required – which can be counter-productive!  An ill informed manager, out of touch with the market or purely focused on getting another fee in before month’s end has been the cause of many a lost deal.

Experience counts for a lot, but some people just have the knack.  Maybe they spent too much time as a child bargaining with the lolly shop owner over how much they could get with their $1 pocket money. It is not about them having the gift of the gab…in fact a cocky, over salesy approach can see a deal turn sour very quickly.  This is about someone who has the ability to weigh up a situation, be unemotional, calm and come up with a strategy to get the right result – for client, candidate and you.  The opposite of whoever is advising Essendon Football Club at the moment.

I would guesstimate that at least one in three of our placements would not happen without the input of our whisperer.  In fact, he starts getting excited when the client has said no to someone, or the candidate has turned down an offer. He is not the best at everything – in fact he comes a distant second, third and sometimes fourth in many other things that are equally important in our office…fantasy football, drinking Scotch, corridor cricket, having hair, ….the list goes on!

It might not be obvious who your whisperer is, especially if they are not the most experienced or highest biller. They may be sitting quietly in the corner, rarely getting asked their opinion.  And as they see you throwing stuff at the wall and cursing blind as you kiss a deal goodbye, they might have the answer.

And if you want to see our whisperer in action, he will be presenting at the RCSA conference next week. Not on this topic though, he is not going to give away all his whispering secrets.  He is discussing the results of a recent survey we did about what recruitment consultants are thinking about their jobs and the market and why their managers should care.

And whilst we are talking about whisperers… apparently Cadbury’s is going to release a new Chinese themed chocolate bar…they are calling it the Chinese Whispa !


Luke Collard 


2 thoughts on “The Recruitment Whisperer

  1. Darren Ledger on Reply

    Great blog Luke, and delighted to see the ‘Recruitment Whisperer’ recognised for their talents. This is why team meetings are important, let everyone know where the challenges and the hurdles are and then work collaboratively to find a solution. LIke the style of the post as well.

    PS: I’m ridiculously good at corridor cricket. Or at least I was until I broke the light fittings….

    1. lukecollard on Reply

      Cheers Darren. Excellent point you make too about the importance of the team input. As for corridor cricket…..broken light fittings and windows are a sign of true class….our glazier is coming out on Monday ….again !

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