The difference between Norm and the Taxi Man

NOTE: Not the 'real' Norm
NOTE: Not the ‘real’ Norm

This will be the last blog from us for 2015…(cue the tears!). It is customary at this time to do one of those reviews of the year, or predictions for next year…but I’ll leave that to the more serious blogs out there. Instead, we wanted to finish the year with a bit of a feel good story …..

We had our Christmas bash last Friday. All the usual fun and games that come when you combine over eating, over drinking, over dancing and a bunch of recruiters looking to blow off some steam after a big year. We headed to one of the wine regions, accompanied by “Norm”. Norm drove the bus that took us around…. he was the perfect blend of being a bit like your lovely old Grandad but still with a twinkle in his eye that allowed for a bit of mischief.

Fast forward past a boozy day and Norm has dropped off us at the house we were staying at. Looking for my phone to take some photos and…aaaaaggghh!!!… must have left it on the bus…. or at one of the wineries….or …  whatever…I’m too drunk to bother with it now. Pour me another cocktail and get a bit of Beyonce on.

Now, for regular readers of this blog, this might sound a bit familiar. Only a few weeks ago I told the story of leaving my phone in a taxi whilst high on Valium. Honestly, I’m not always this dumb…or intoxicated!! In that instance, I only recovered my phone after a Mexican stand-off and bribery with the taxi driver. But with Norm, it was very different…Norm had found my phone, and assuming it was one of our group’s, took it upon himself to deliver it in person the next morning. My hero! Instant hangover cure. What a legend.

(…now for the tenuous link to recruitment …..)

Compare the actions of Mr Taxi Man and Norm. One decides to be a prick and the other goes out of his way to help. As recruiters, we have decisions to make every day that will impact people’s lives….and in the commercial world we all play in, that often comes down to a choice of doing the right thing by people or, well…doing the wrong thing for our own benefits. There are obviously various degrees of ‘doing the wrong thing’ and I am sure none of us are whiter than white. But I’m also sure that most recruiters know the difference between being Mr Taxi Man and being Norm.

NOTE: May be the 'real' taxi driver!
NOTE: May be the ‘real’ taxi driver!

Each to their own, and I’m not about to give anyone a Christmas sermon on the differences between good and evil and how you should behave. Take the easy, short-term, look after number 1, money before everything approach if you like and good luck to you..but remember, you make your bed and you lie in it.

I’d prefer to take a leaf out of Norm’s book. Norm’s been driving his bus for over 20 years and apparently everyone in the area knows and loves Norm. We have already booked him for next year and referred him to two other groups who have booked him too. Mr Taxi Man got fired so I am told.

Just leaves us to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas. Thanks for tuning in to our drivel every week…see you for more fun and games in 2016.

Luke & Craig

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