Taking a break….

The Written Reference is taking a break this week…..it is our annual conference ….and when I say annual conference I really mean an excuse for us to get down to the beach for the night, celebrate some good results with a few beverages …and claim it all on tax because we will probably talk about work at some point.

We’ve just arrived, the sun is out, the bar is open, the fish are biting and the first round of the WatsonCollard Olympics is about to take place …. so no time for another enthralling episode of the blog this week……I know that will be a big disappointment for those that tune in every Thursday, waiting with bated breath for what nonsense the fools will pump out this time …… a bit like The Bachelor.

Until then…….







Cheers from us. See you next week

(and yes Mr Client…we are still working on your retainer…..!)






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