Take a look at me… I’m Yesterday’s Hero…

We’ve all met them… we’ve probably worked with one… hired onehell… we may even be one ourselves.

YH1I’m talking about Yesterday’s Recruitment Heroes.

In the space of a week I’ve interviewed one… I was faced with a client demanding one… and then I had an epiphany (love that word!), at a conference where we discussed one. Pretty big week right?

Bear with me while I flesh this out. I’m going to do this one a little back-to-front, and the definition of Yesterday’s Recruitment Hero (please, please please click on the link… you will thank me for it), will come at the end of the blog…

So, I met a candidate on Monday… Let’s call her Kate Beringer. Kate had 8 year’s experience in IT agency world. Her salary expectations were a little high, but she had some stability… We exchanged pleasantries… there were a few preliminary questions and then I asked her this.

‘Katie… sorry Kate. Can you tell me about your billing history?’

‘Sure.’ She replied, leaning in as if to share a massive secret. ‘Most best year was 3 years ago, when I billed $380k. The last 2 years haven’t been quite as high – probably in the $280-300k region.’

‘Hmmm…’ I pondered. ‘Why do you think that was the case?’

‘Well. Two reasons really. Firstly, there are just no candidates. I advertise relentlessly, but am struggling. I did an ad writing course and that hasn’t helped. And secondly, clients are doing it themselves. I make on average 80 BD calls a week and get very little success. It’s just the way recruitment is heading…’

‘Do you use social media… Linkedin… Twitter… Facebook…?’

‘I have a couple of hundred LinkedIn contacts, but in my opinion Twitter & Facebook are an absolute waste of time.’

Katie… sorry Kate… is one of Yesterday’s Recruitment Heroes.

Imagine a wavy dreamlike sequence as we fast forward to the Client Meeting…

Let’s call the client… ummm… Billy Peltzer. Billy’s is a manager in an Accounting & Finance Rec firm. We pick the meeting up mid-way through.

‘So Bill… sorry Billy.’ I pose. ‘What does your ideal candidate look like… and of course I don’t mean in appearance?’ (chuckle, chuckle).

YH2‘Well…’ Billy mused. ‘We want a hunter. They must have 5 years experience and be all over the phones. We expect 120 cold sales calls a week, and they will need to demonstrate that they have a history in achieving those numbers… That is our number one priority.’

Bill… sorry Billy… wants one of Yesterday’s Recruitment Heroes.

So, let’s fast forward to the conference. Greg Savage (we all know Greg) is currently presenting Will The New Golden Era Of Recruitment Pass You By?

I went along to network… after all, I know everything about the modern recruitment landscape… I must… I blog about it ad nauseum. WRONG. This half-day seminar is bloody brilliant! I’m not going to go into detail as it would cover about 35 blogs & I strongly suggest you invest the time & coin to attend yourself!

But… As part of the presentation Greg proposes the DNA of the recruiter of the future… again I am not here to steal Greg’s thunder… But… he does make reference to Yesterday’s Recruitment Heroes. The recruiter who has ‘…a trail of good results behind them, but nothing to offer in front of them…’

So… consultants, managers and owners. If you live on past glory… if you fail to have any strategies to tackle the changing face of recruitment… if you believe social media and social recruitment is a passing fad… or if you resist trying something new and relevant… You are one of the ever-growing team of Yesterday’s Recruitment Heroes… But… it’s not too late to change.

*** If you want to look at what some of tomorrow’s recruitment heroes look like…check out Blackbook Executive in our Agency in Focus

Craig Watson


5 thoughts on “Take a look at me… I’m Yesterday’s Hero…

  1. Eoin on Reply

    Long time listener, first time caller (ok, I half cried, half laughed at my own joke there, sorry).

    Anyway, I’ll get back to my comment – love the post – I recently changed roles and one of my motivations was my previous employer did not share the appreciation of social media and its impact of recruitment that I have. I am still new to the recruitment game (2+ years) but always have and will embrace changing trends/technology and strategies to adapt to circumstances.

    The old adage “we have always done it this way, why change?” rings a bell when I read this post.

  2. Mitch Sullivan on Reply

    The crucial point that you’re missing is that nobody can be a “big biller” for very long because the need to make all those cold-calls you refer to, grinds everyone down eventually.

    That doesn’t make them poor recruiters, just recruiters that have grown weary of the circular nature of contingency recruitment.

    You see this same dynamic in all forms of sales jobs. As people get better at converting sales, usually through experience, they also tend to get worse at having to constantly find new clients. Salespeople in other industries are often able to get round this by becoming more experienced and accruing enough repeat business to reduce their reliance on new business.

    You’ll also find that salespeople in other industries aren’t having to deal with customers who are simultaneously entertaining other suppliers because they know that the salesperson will deliver what they say they will deliver.

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