2 things… Do them… Do them Now!

Down here in this part of freezing Australia 2 things happen this time of year. We finally pass the winter solstice. Days will become longer and we can kid ourselves that they will become warmer too… ahem… that’s not an invitation for our Queensland friends to bang on about their year round beach weather… or … Continue reading “2 things… Do them… Do them Now!”

5 things Recruiters must stop doing… now.

We’re an oft maligned bunch right… usually unfairly. I mean the stuff people say about us – mainly by job seekers – is inaccurate, insulting and sometimes bordering on defamatory. We are not the hideous monsters they make us out to be… the blood-sucking leeches who would sacrifice their grandmother for a placement. That’s not … Continue reading “5 things Recruiters must stop doing… now.”

Polishing the Turd…

One of the biggest mistakes recruiters make is trying to polish the turd. I agonised with whether or not I should use the word turd in the title of a professional blog post. It conjures images of… well… turds. And turds aren’t professional right? But as you can see, I managed to get over my … Continue reading “Polishing the Turd…”

What Makes a Good Recruiter?

Valid question right? Good Recruiters… really good recruiters are a rare specimen indeed. They possess a unique skill set that differentiates them from others in the industry… and makes them more valuable than Valerian Steel… So what are the traits and skills that define a Good Recruiter? Read on… Consistent Billings – Yes it’s important… … Continue reading “What Makes a Good Recruiter?”

Recruitment… it’s so Hot right now!

WARNING – Blatant Advertising Ahead… Halleluljah brother! Praise the Lord! Guess what recruiters? After months… no years… of negative posts… predictions of the demise of the recruitment industry… recruiters being blamed for everything from the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby to global warming to the rise of Donald trump. Our time has come! Yes! Dust … Continue reading “Recruitment… it’s so Hot right now!”

I Quit…

Easy to say… hard to do. Well to be honest it’s not even that easy to say. Resigning is ranked in the top 3 most difficult life decisions… just after marriage and buying a house. It’s a big deal for most people, particularly if you like the people you work with. But… let’s take it … Continue reading “I Quit…”

Recruitment… why would you?

Hands up if you work roles contingently… to the layman, that’s when you are competing against 1 or more other recruiters and sometimes the client, on the same role. Put your other hand up if you use job boards as your primary candidate sourcing tool. Got both hands up? Wow… it sucks to be you… … Continue reading “Recruitment… why would you?”

No Dickheads Policy…

A few weeks back we all returned from our Summer Holidays… apologies to our Northern Hemisphere brethren… There were the standard… How was your break?… Did you get to the Beach?… I couldn’t bear spending another second with my family, thank God Christmas comes only once a year blah… blah… blah… comments floating around the … Continue reading “No Dickheads Policy…”

Christmas… again?

I’m conflicted. Part of me loves Christmas. The parties, the pressies for the kids, the beaches (apologies to our northern hemisphere friends). It’s a chance to celebrate the year that was and recharge the batteries for the year to come. But the other part of me hates Christmas. Catching up with family you only see … Continue reading “Christmas… again?”

How to pick a winner…

It’s Melbourne Cup Carnival here in Melbourne. An annual, four day festival of horseracing, fashion & frivolity. It’s an opportunity to forget your troubles, dress up in your best (or worst), enjoy a beverage or two, and – for many – have a little punt. The BIG race this year (the richest turf race in … Continue reading “How to pick a winner…”