Recruitment & The Arsenal Effect…

I got into a little trouble on Twitter last week… I had the audacity to suggest that a ‘large’ Global Recruitment firm reminded me of Arsenal – in that they train their staff/players into superstars, and them lose them to competitors offering a better overall package and environment… Needless to say that I was accused … Continue reading “Recruitment & The Arsenal Effect…”

Struggling to hire talent ….. try this….

Most of the recruitment agencies that I speak to are telling me the same story. They want to grow but cannot find the staff. For many, it is the biggest risk to their business and the issue that keeps them awake at night. So, it is surprising that not many of them are really doing … Continue reading “Struggling to hire talent ….. try this….”

Street Smarts or School Smarts… The Recruiter’s Dilemma

It always surprises me when I meet a client, (don’t forget I’m a Rec2Rec), who insists on only seeing candidates who are ‘Degree Qualified’… and I ask one question… Why?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an ‘Academiaphobe’ – I have ultimate respect for those who are degree qualified… It’s a hard slog attending lecture … Continue reading “Street Smarts or School Smarts… The Recruiter’s Dilemma”

Recruiters… Are you using the ‘c’ word enough?

I’ve been in recruitment long enough to know that the ‘c’ word is a much maligned – often under-utilised – turn of phrase… At some places I’ve worked use of the ‘c’ word is actively encouraged, some recruitment businesses base their entire recruitment strategy around it, whilst at others it is denounced – much like … Continue reading “Recruiters… Are you using the ‘c’ word enough?”

Why Recruitment is like 50 Shades of Grey

C’mon cut me some slack… you knew it and I knew it… it was only a matter of time before the comparisons were made – and if I didn’t write it, someone else would have… So why is Recruitment like 50 Shades of Grey?  What is it about our industry that can so easily be … Continue reading “Why Recruitment is like 50 Shades of Grey”

Recruiters… Where do Nice Guys finish?

I feel ill when I find out that people don’t like me… come to think of it I’m probably lucky I’m in recruitment – a lot of the time in our game people pretend to like you even when they don’t… and that suits me fine. Over the journey though, I have had to drink … Continue reading “Recruiters… Where do Nice Guys finish?”

Recruitment… Same Sh*t Different Day…

In the past day or so, the Ex-President of Egypt has been pronounced dead… then, not quite dead…then clinically dead… and then down with a nasty dose of man flu. At the same time Melbourne experienced the strongest Earthquake we have had in a century! This is how it went down in our house… My Wife: … Continue reading “Recruitment… Same Sh*t Different Day…”

False Recruiting Economy… I blame the Tooth Fairy…

I read with interest a surprising – and to be honest – a quite disturbing article in the Melbourne press this week… No it wasn’t the one about the confirmed Top Gun sequel – now  that I’ve gotta see… No,  it was a story about the Tooth Fairy – and how these days he/she pays … Continue reading “False Recruiting Economy… I blame the Tooth Fairy…”

Recruiters… If Greece was a company it would be in receivership…

I consider myself to be extremely lucky.  I have had a long career as a recruitment consultant, manager and – most recently – company owner.  I am now in a unique position where I talk to recruitment people all day long… Don’t feel sorry for me – I kind of like it.  Some people like … Continue reading “Recruiters… If Greece was a company it would be in receivership…”

Recruiters… To Tweet or not to Tweet?

This is not another blog espousing the virtues of social media… no social media, in particular Twitter can be a bitch.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter… I dedicate a couple of hours a day to the Twitterverse – usually early in the morning, or late in the evening. I love finding out recruitment … Continue reading “Recruiters… To Tweet or not to Tweet?”