Death of the 457 Recruiter…

Ouch. That’s blunt. After all, wasn’t Recruiter protected under the new visa guidelines released last month? Not like the unfortunate Goat Farmer… Potter… or Archaeologist… who sadly are no longer deemed worthy of such an honour. We all rejoiced and breathed a long… satisfying sigh of relief and promptly choofed off to Ryan’s Bar…. Or … Continue reading “Death of the 457 Recruiter…”

Recruitment… why would you?

Hands up if you work roles contingently… to the layman, that’s when you are competing against 1 or more other recruiters and sometimes the client, on the same role. Put your other hand up if you use job boards as your primary candidate sourcing tool. Got both hands up? Wow… it sucks to be you… … Continue reading “Recruitment… why would you?”

No Dickheads Policy…

A few weeks back we all returned from our Summer Holidays… apologies to our Northern Hemisphere brethren… There were the standard… How was your break?… Did you get to the Beach?… I couldn’t bear spending another second with my family, thank God Christmas comes only once a year blah… blah… blah… comments floating around the … Continue reading “No Dickheads Policy…”

Recruiters… how do you get better?

I was sitting on a beach in glorious sunshine in Phuket this time 2 days ago… Absolutely no relevance to today’s post… I just wanted to brag. Hi ho back to reality… So I’ve been thinking… while I was sitting on a beach in glorious sunshine in Phuket… how do you make recruiters better? Simple … Continue reading “Recruiters… how do you get better?”

Take a look at me… I’m Yesterday’s Hero…

We’ve all met them… we’ve probably worked with one… hired one… hell… we may even be one ourselves. I’m talking about Yesterday’s Recruitment Heroes. In the space of a week I’ve interviewed one… I was faced with a client demanding one… and then I had an epiphany (love that word!), at a conference where we … Continue reading “Take a look at me… I’m Yesterday’s Hero…”

Culture is not grown in a yoghurt vat…

Pretty stupid blog title right? But seriously, culture has become even more important than ever… Why? Simple really. We are finding that right now there are more strong candidates in the market, willing to move than there has been for the last few years. And when we ask these 2 questions: Why are you looking … Continue reading “Culture is not grown in a yoghurt vat…”

An Open Letter to those of you who read our blog!

Hey You! Thanks… thanks for taking the time out of your day every week to check out what we have to say. ‘Whoa there…’ I hear you say. ‘I don’t read every week… it was just that one time when you tagged One Direction and I was trying to find out if Zane had recovered … Continue reading “An Open Letter to those of you who read our blog!”

Recruitment Gone Bad…

We’re trying to create a sustainable, professional industry with integrity… and dare I say it… a little soul. Right? Most of us have both clients’ and candidates’ best interests at heart. After all, it makes sense that if you understand your clients’ and candidates’ needs – and use your skill to match appropriately success will … Continue reading “Recruitment Gone Bad…”

So this is Christmas…

I was at a Recruitment industry function last week. It was a Christmas networking nibbles and drinks kinda thing. Let’s be honest there’s a lot of that going on over the next month or so and it’s very easy to lose sight of what we are all being paid for. I hear conflicting stories every … Continue reading “So this is Christmas…”

Racism is alive & well in Recruitment… or is it?

I live on LinkedIn. I follow my clients on LinkedIn… I source many of my candidates from LinkedIn… and I track my competitors on LinkedIn… And you know what? Occasionally… in between all of those inane maths problems and those annoying motivational memes, my feed throws up a little gem of back & forth… of … Continue reading “Racism is alive & well in Recruitment… or is it?”