Make Recruitment Great Again…

I was at the first footy training session for the year earlier in the week… not for me… for my 9 year old… the only thing I train these days is the 6:56 City Loop – express from Caulfield to South Yarra… anyway, I digress. So, I asked one of the other Dads who runs … Continue reading “Make Recruitment Great Again…”

Clients backdooring Candidates… it’s not what you think.

There are so many things I could have blogged about this week…. Like the client who took too long to offer the perfect candidate and missed out on him… my fault apparently… or the candidate I’ve been chasing for a few months who finally agreed to meet with me, only to have her grand mother … Continue reading “Clients backdooring Candidates… it’s not what you think.”

Stressed? Sleep deprived? Welcome to Recruitment…

Put simply if you are looking for an easy gig – steer clear of the wonderful world of recruitment. We all have things going on in our lives right? Family? Sport? Macramé? Doesn’t really matter what it is… what does matter is that you have your priorities right. For those of us in the recruitment … Continue reading “Stressed? Sleep deprived? Welcome to Recruitment…”

When Recruiters are Sick…

So I’ve been off work for a week today! I had a cold… that progressed to flu… that scurried on to pneumonia… Pneumonia!!! I know right… 1868 wants its disease back. Anyway, facts are I am bored shitless. I am confined to bed, with no voice and a box and a half of empty tissues … Continue reading “When Recruiters are Sick…”

2 things… Do them… Do them Now!

Down here in this part of freezing Australia 2 things happen this time of year. We finally pass the winter solstice. Days will become longer and we can kid ourselves that they will become warmer too… ahem… that’s not an invitation for our Queensland friends to bang on about their year round beach weather… or … Continue reading “2 things… Do them… Do them Now!”

5 things Recruiters must stop doing… now.

We’re an oft maligned bunch right… usually unfairly. I mean the stuff people say about us – mainly by job seekers – is inaccurate, insulting and sometimes bordering on defamatory. We are not the hideous monsters they make us out to be… the blood-sucking leeches who would sacrifice their grandmother for a placement. That’s not … Continue reading “5 things Recruiters must stop doing… now.”

Polishing the Turd…

One of the biggest mistakes recruiters make is trying to polish the turd. I agonised with whether or not I should use the word turd in the title of a professional blog post. It conjures images of… well… turds. And turds aren’t professional right? But as you can see, I managed to get over my … Continue reading “Polishing the Turd…”

Do you believe in recruitment? Really believe in recruitment? I do…

I consider myself a man of ok intelligence… I reckon I sit somewhere on the scale of genius between Dr Stephen Hawking & Lloyd Christmas… depending on topic and whether or not alcohol is involved… If we were talking about… ummm… I don’t know… say… Melbourne Cup Winners since 1861 I go ok… 1861 – … Continue reading “Do you believe in recruitment? Really believe in recruitment? I do…”

The most annoying phrase in recruitment…

‘We have cut down our use of job boards and recruitment agencies by 95% in the last 18 months…’ I hear phrases similar to this bandied around like confetti at a 80’s wedding these days. Here is my problem with it… So what!!!! I don’t really care where my candidates come from as long as … Continue reading “The most annoying phrase in recruitment…”

Recruiters… why aren’t you listening?

I had an ear infection last week… quite a funny story really… I went swimming and managed to get water in both ears, and they became instantly blocked… then infected. Basically I walked around (albeit with the balance of an hour old lamb), for a whole 5 days unable to hear anything… except a dull … Continue reading “Recruiters… why aren’t you listening?”