Recruitment… jobs for people… or people for jobs?

I’m back! After a short blog hiatus I’ve got something to say… hope you like it! It doesn’t matter what click bait you throw on LinkedIn… if it’s controversial enough… and divides opinion enough you will go viral. A couple of weeks ago I posted the below observation. Over 630,000 views… 2,500 likes and 600 … Continue reading “Recruitment… jobs for people… or people for jobs?”

Don’t Pay the Ferryman… A Recruitment Industry Parable…

Who would have thought? Back in ’82 when Chris De Burgh penned the classic tune Don’t Pay the Ferryman he was actually… consciously or otherwise… responsible for the most concise… yet overreaching… thought process clients run through when dealing with the recruitment industry in history! Don’t pay the Ferryman (substitute Recruiter) Don’t even fix a … Continue reading “Don’t Pay the Ferryman… A Recruitment Industry Parable…”

Death of the 457 Recruiter…

Ouch. That’s blunt. After all, wasn’t Recruiter protected under the new visa guidelines released last month? Not like the unfortunate Goat Farmer… Potter… or Archaeologist… who sadly are no longer deemed worthy of such an honour. We all rejoiced and breathed a long… satisfying sigh of relief and promptly choofed off to Ryan’s Bar…. Or … Continue reading “Death of the 457 Recruiter…”

Make Recruitment Great Again…

I was at the first footy training session for the year earlier in the week… not for me… for my 9 year old… the only thing I train these days is the 6:56 City Loop – express from Caulfield to South Yarra… anyway, I digress. So, I asked one of the other Dads who runs … Continue reading “Make Recruitment Great Again…”

LinkedIn neighbourhood watch….who made you the boss?

Who should decide what is appropriate content for LinkedIn? Because a lot of people think it’s them! “This is a professional networking site –keep it professional”. “This isn’t Facebook”. It seems that there are more and more self appointed LinkedIn police out there, getting angry with anyone who uses their beloved platform for anything that … Continue reading “LinkedIn neighbourhood watch….who made you the boss?”

Clients backdooring Candidates… it’s not what you think.

There are so many things I could have blogged about this week…. Like the client who took too long to offer the perfect candidate and missed out on him… my fault apparently… or the candidate I’ve been chasing for a few months who finally agreed to meet with me, only to have her grand mother … Continue reading “Clients backdooring Candidates… it’s not what you think.”

Stressed? Sleep deprived? Welcome to Recruitment…

Put simply if you are looking for an easy gig – steer clear of the wonderful world of recruitment. We all have things going on in our lives right? Family? Sport? Macramé? Doesn’t really matter what it is… what does matter is that you have your priorities right. For those of us in the recruitment … Continue reading “Stressed? Sleep deprived? Welcome to Recruitment…”

Recruiters are not Mind Readers…

I read a LinkedIn article last week that really p*ssed me off. Yes it was another recruiter bashing post… yes it was a poor me candidate rant… and yes it garnered the expected support from job seekers who have had a similar poor experience from the recruitment fraternity… but… it was an absolutely stupid argument. … Continue reading “Recruiters are not Mind Readers…”

social experiment… prank… or just mean?

Earlier this week I did something terrible. I decided to create a fake cv… from a fake candidate and post it on LinkedIn to see what reaction it would get. I call it a social experiment… I’m sure some of the people who wrote provocative comments and privately messaged me with their thoughts might feel … Continue reading “social experiment… prank… or just mean?”

Stressed? Thought so…

Did you know that the recruitment industry is the most stressful industry in the world? That’s right… more stressful than teaching… police work… dairy farming… ambulance driving… hell, it’s even more stressful than the military. I can picture you now… some nodding in agreement… others shaking their heads in disbelief. But I can categorically confirm … Continue reading “Stressed? Thought so…”