Culture is not grown in a yoghurt vat…

Pretty stupid blog title right? But seriously, culture has become even more important than ever… Why? Simple really. We are finding that right now there are more strong candidates in the market, willing to move than there has been for the last few years. And when we ask these 2 questions: Why are you looking … Continue reading “Culture is not grown in a yoghurt vat…”

What Mr Men Character are You?

So anyway, this may – or may not – have happened to someone I know last week… To protect her identity let’s call her Genny… (see Jen, no-one will know who I’m talking about… I changed the ‘J’ to a ‘G’… and I used Genny – the name you hate – not Gen, or Gennifer..) … Continue reading “What Mr Men Character are You?”

Recruitment… It’s a God Damn Love In…

Recruitment eh? What a funny old business we have chosen to spend our 40, 50 or maybe 80 hours a week in. Many candidates see us as a barrier to meaningful employment. Some clients view us as a necessary evil. Even a few of my friends can’t help but draw on the ‘used car salesman’ … Continue reading “Recruitment… It’s a God Damn Love In…”

Recruiters… Are you using the ‘c’ word enough?

I’ve been in recruitment long enough to know that the ‘c’ word is a much maligned – often under-utilised – turn of phrase… At some places I’ve worked use of the ‘c’ word is actively encouraged, some recruitment businesses base their entire recruitment strategy around it, whilst at others it is denounced – much like … Continue reading “Recruiters… Are you using the ‘c’ word enough?”

Recruiters… The difference 2 conversations and a conference makes…

Here’s a thought… It’s simplistic, possibly thought provoking and definitely controversial.  It stems from 2 conversations I’ve had over the last week – one with a client, and one (would you believe) with a competitor.  It was galvanized by presenters at the R-Hub Conference I attended in Sydney last week… and then – after spending … Continue reading “Recruiters… The difference 2 conversations and a conference makes…”