Christmas… again?

I’m conflicted. Part of me loves Christmas. The parties, the pressies for the kids, the beaches (apologies to our northern hemisphere friends). It’s a chance to celebrate the year that was and recharge the batteries for the year to come. But the other part of me hates Christmas. Catching up with family you only see … Continue reading “Christmas… again?”

I woke up screaming this morning…

Seriously, I woke up screaming this morning… and then I had to apologise to everyone in the staff meeting… Have we all gone completely, stark raving mad in the recruitment industry? We have Sales meetings on a Monday morning, One-on-Ones on a Tuesday, a mid-week meeting on Wednesday to review the Sales meeting and the … Continue reading “I woke up screaming this morning…”

Shaking the Magic Recruitment 8 Ball

I’ve banged on before about making sure you drill down on clients & candidates. Knowledge is power and I truly believe that the single, biggest difference between recruiters… and great recruiters is their ability… no courage… to ask the tough questions. There is a stage in all recruitment processes where you have to ask the … Continue reading “Shaking the Magic Recruitment 8 Ball”

1985 called… and they want their KPI’s back.

The candidate market in recruitment is tighter than a hipster’s jeans right now… Recruitment Agencies are crying out for the best staff and some (the clever ones) are putting together creative packages to attract the top talent. The smart agencies have also locked their top performers in… with attractive commission structures, career plans, professional development … Continue reading “1985 called… and they want their KPI’s back.”

Everybody Wants to Rule the World…

And believe me, it’s just as true today as it was back in 1985 when the good folk from Tears for Fears smashed out that massive hit! It’s that time of year Down Under when recruitment businesses are rolling out their plans for the next Financial Year. They have been in strategy meetings, setting goals … Continue reading “Everybody Wants to Rule the World…”

Recruitment Gone Bad…

We’re trying to create a sustainable, professional industry with integrity… and dare I say it… a little soul. Right? Most of us have both clients’ and candidates’ best interests at heart. After all, it makes sense that if you understand your clients’ and candidates’ needs – and use your skill to match appropriately success will … Continue reading “Recruitment Gone Bad…”

So this is Christmas…

I was at a Recruitment industry function last week. It was a Christmas networking nibbles and drinks kinda thing. Let’s be honest there’s a lot of that going on over the next month or so and it’s very easy to lose sight of what we are all being paid for. I hear conflicting stories every … Continue reading “So this is Christmas…”

Recruiter Etiquette 101

I was booked on an early flight this morning. Trouble is, I live about an hour or so away from the airport… so that meant a 4:30am start for me. No biggie. I made it with time to spare… and was milling around the gate with other commuters… It was about 30 minutes before boarding, … Continue reading “Recruiter Etiquette 101”

Recruiters… maybe my hips do… but the stats don’t lie…

So… we’re all sick of being told how crap we are right? Next to politicians and Lindsay Lohan… and maybe the Bieber, recruiters are right up there at getting a pretty universal bad rap… I hate it… I hate the fact that a very small percentage of bad recruiters spoil it for the rest of … Continue reading “Recruiters… maybe my hips do… but the stats don’t lie…”

Do you believe in recruitment? Really believe in recruitment? I do…

I consider myself a man of ok intelligence… I reckon I sit somewhere on the scale of genius between Dr Stephen Hawking & Lloyd Christmas… depending on topic and whether or not alcohol is involved… If we were talking about… ummm… I don’t know… say… Melbourne Cup Winners since 1861 I go ok… 1861 – … Continue reading “Do you believe in recruitment? Really believe in recruitment? I do…”