Why Everyone Hates a Recruiter…

Let me start right off by addressing the elephant in the room. Yes there are bad recruiters… they are almost exclusively then ones trained by bad recruitment business owners. I have heard fabled tales of fake recruitment ads… candidate bullying and outright dodgy behaviour. The facts are most recruiters are not like this, and this … Continue reading “Why Everyone Hates a Recruiter…”

What Makes a Good Recruiter?

Valid question right? Good Recruiters… really good recruiters are a rare specimen indeed. They possess a unique skill set that differentiates them from others in the industry… and makes them more valuable than Valerian Steel… So what are the traits and skills that define a Good Recruiter? Read on… Consistent Billings – Yes it’s important… … Continue reading “What Makes a Good Recruiter?”

I Quit…

Easy to say… hard to do. Well to be honest it’s not even that easy to say. Resigning is ranked in the top 3 most difficult life decisions… just after marriage and buying a house. It’s a big deal for most people, particularly if you like the people you work with. But… let’s take it … Continue reading “I Quit…”

Racism is alive & well in Recruitment… or is it?

I live on LinkedIn. I follow my clients on LinkedIn… I source many of my candidates from LinkedIn… and I track my competitors on LinkedIn… And you know what? Occasionally… in between all of those inane maths problems and those annoying motivational memes, my feed throws up a little gem of back & forth… of … Continue reading “Racism is alive & well in Recruitment… or is it?”

Takin’ them to the edge…

You’ve been there before… it’s D-Day… (well actually it’s today, but let’s not split hairs)… after a painfully long process the offer has finally come through from the client. It’s a good offer… actually a great offer. You got the salary your candidate wanted & a clear career path. The client will invest in professional … Continue reading “Takin’ them to the edge…”

Recruiters… why aren’t you listening?

I had an ear infection last week… quite a funny story really… I went swimming and managed to get water in both ears, and they became instantly blocked… then infected. Basically I walked around (albeit with the balance of an hour old lamb), for a whole 5 days unable to hear anything… except a dull … Continue reading “Recruiters… why aren’t you listening?”