Success begins with an ‘I’

Not such a catchy title right? But this is one of the most important bloody blogs I’m likely to write this year…

crazy-japanese-inventions-22Ask yourself a question… When was the last time you truly innovated at work?

We all crave for that point of difference to take to the market, but what is yours?

Please don’t say ‘our people’… or… ‘our experience’… or our ‘candidate care program’ Because that’s what every other recruitment firm says… so… that suggests you’re not that different… right?


I was heading to a client meeting with one of my colleagues last week on Bourke St Melbourne. We passed one of those little street side kiosks… the ones that usually sell newspapers… or shine your shoes… but this one was different.
LIIn it was Chris Sprott of Sprott Photography with a pop-up LinkedIn profile pic photo booth… brilliant! After our meeting I decided to give him a plug on my own LinkedIn profile… It’s gone viral. At last count there were 4036 likes, 313 comments and 243 shares… and that my friends is innovation.


Last week I was also lucky enough to be asked to trial a new concept in the recruitment market – VideoMyJob – the brainchild of David Macciocca. Now this one is an absolute game changer!

In layman’s terms there is an app that allows you to shoot job ad videos directly from your phone camera. It has real nifty teleprompter, editing, caption addition and in-app editing. Then you simply post directly from the app to your youtube channel and share via social media channels… it’s bloody brilliant!!!

vmjMost of us have tried video interviewing before, but this is taking candidates out of their natural environment and basically asking them to become an actor in front of a camera. With VideoMyJob you are the talent selling the attributes of the job. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this innovation and will be blogging about it further for sure!!!


I hear what you’re saying… ‘Craig… back off with the preaching!… If you’re such a trailblazer why don’t you tell us how you innovate at Watson Collard?

Well… thanks for asking.

At least once a month Luke and I have a TED meeting. At these meetings we review the business and look at 3 key things…




What new technology is available to us? How can we better empathise with our clients and candidates changing needs? How can we continue to be different to our competitors?

Recent examples are:

  • Technology – we have embraced VideoMyJob and will be using it to bring clearer, more succinct and personable messages to our candidates and clients. We have engaged JXT Consulting to rebuild our online presence… watch this space. We have met with leading ATS providers and look exploring the power behind these platforms. Finally, we are 3 months away from launching one of the most exciting technology driven recruitment changes you are ever likely to see! Big call I know!!!
  • Empathy – We have introduced a split fee model with our clients. We charge 75% of the fee on start and the remainder after probation. That allows our clients to manage their cashflow better, whilst the new hire comes up to speed, encourages a better follow-up process and shares the risk. We have also shifted our business model to a 60% retained business. That allows us to truly focus on roles for our clients. And I am happy to say that we have successfully completed all retained assignments we have secured (except one, but that’s still open!)
  • Difference – Due to our blog and social media presence 32.8% of our placements come from candidates directly approaching us via the blog. We have been able to position ourselves as experts in the industry (perception is reality don’t forget!). When we meet with clients we can clearly articulate our point of difference. And that is that we have access to candidates that our clients and competitors simply can’t reach… How simple is that?

So, let me ask you that question again… When was the last time you truly innovated at work? Because believe me… some of your competitors are…

Craig Watson


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