Stressed? Sleep deprived? Welcome to Recruitment…

stress6Put simply if you are looking for an easy gig – steer clear of the wonderful world of recruitment.

We all have things going on in our lives right? Family? Sport? Macramé? Doesn’t really matter what it is… what does matter is that you have your priorities right.

For those of us in the recruitment game… oh last time I described our profession as a game I was inundated with a slew of outraged emails… but it is a game… tiddlywinks is a game… accounting is a game… life is a game… get over yourselves…

Anyway, for those of us in the recruitment game priorities can get all out of whack. The pressure to perform, the constant juggling act of clients and candidates, the 24/7 nature of the role… it’s tough. And it’s the other things in our lives that commonly bear the brunt.

How many of you have let your partner down…. cancelling at the last minute due to a work thingy? What about your kids? And if you play sport and you are a recruiter I ask you to look me in the eye…


Go on look me in the eye… and tell me you haven’t let your team-mates down at least once because of the job… and that goes for letting your friends down too.

As for getting up at stupid o’clock to skype that magic candidate looking to emigrate… we all need our heads read!

The rewards are there… sure. And recruitment attracts a very special kind of person. A very, very special kind of person.

  • Ambitious and Intelligent (well most of the time)
  • Outcomes focused (all of the time)
  • Flexible and adaptable (and I don’t mean in the gymnast sense)
  • Willing to give up everything to put the job first (all of the time)

Hang on… back up. You should never… never ever have to give up everything to put any job first. That is just bullsh*t!

I can see you now… yes you… the one scratching their head and saying… ‘but Craig. If I want to be a successful recruiter I have to put the job first…’

head-scratchTo you sir… or madam I say what a load of old tosh!

What you have to do is set priorities on a daily basis. What you have to do is manage your time better. What you have to do is take control of your day… and what you most certainly have to do is make time for the important things in your life outside of work. Things that give you a sense of satisfaction… things that make you smile… and things that make you want to get out of bed in the morning.

stressed4Let’s face it… recruitment is at best challenging… and on a bad day it’s soul destroying. Of course it is rewarding and we most certainly add real value to others’ lives. But… to be good at recruitment… I mean really good. And to have longevity in our game… (whoops I just pulled a Brittney and… well… did it again), you have to be happy… have a clear outlet for your stress… and put what’s important in life first.

So… leave the office early today. Pick the kids up from school… take your partner for a romantic dinner… be the first person at training instead of the last… or smash out that masterpiece of a macramé project you have been dreaming of. Doesn’t matter what makes you happy – just do it (I may have borrowed that mantra).

Oh… and if your boss has a problem with it… have them give me a call 0414 341 843.

Craig Watson


3 thoughts on “Stressed? Sleep deprived? Welcome to Recruitment…

  1. Diane on Reply

    How right you are. I’ve just finished working …. at stupid o’clock again. Not everyone can be a good recruitment consultant. Not everyone can hack it. Sometimes I hate it sometimes I love it. It’s people. Always unpredictable. Making more time for myself now though. Too much stress causes less than satisfactory work output. Result – less fees. I’m thinking maybe the Bahamas. They have phones and internet. Oh and beaches and cocktail bars. Early retirement even!

  2. Dani Tamati on Reply

    I read your Blogs with anticipation. You get it right all the time, and say what many of us feel, know and live! I am finishing at ‘stupid o’clock’ right now. 10.56pm and no wine in sight! Thanks Craig for another well-written tidbit!

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