So, what happened was….

There is an issue creeping in to a corner of the recruitment world that is causing me a lot of concern. It’s serious and if it doesn’t improve I am not sure if recruitment will be for me anymore.

Candidates have become very lazy with their excuses. And it is boring!

One of the real joys of being a recruiter used to be the bizarre and creative excuses that candidates would give. Whether they were backing out of an interview, trying to explain away something on their CV, why they had to suddenly leave a role you had placed them in or some other scenario that prompted a fantastic work of fiction.

“Well Luke, you see what happened was that I was on my way to the interview and my heel broke, so I had to pop in to a shoe shop, and it got held up by robbers” …..crime and suspense….I like it

“I had to leave the role because there was someone who worked there that I had an affair with a few years ago” …. saucy…do tell more

“I can’t provide a reference because my previous work was top secret and no one is allowed to talk about it” ….oooo… a spy…very John le Carre

All true stories… I keep a little book of brilliant excuses that I intend to publish one day as a best seller and retire on.

But nowadays I seem to just get the tired, old boring excuses…my car broke down, I’m not feeling well, my Grandma died (there has been a lot of elderly deaths in Melbourne recently by the looks of it!), the dog ate my CV…..

Come on people. If you are going to make up an excuse, make a bit of effort with it. I’m probably not going to believe you anyway, and you probably know that, so if we are going to go through this little dance lets at least have a bit of fun with it.

Love to hear some of the great excuses you have received as a recruiter ….or given yourself.  If they are good enough I’ll put them in my book!

Luke Collard


3 thoughts on “So, what happened was….

  1. Kevin Geerin on Reply

    One of the best excuses or story that I heard from a Candidate was ” I left my last job through Illness”
    Showing my concern I asked “what happened”?
    The candidate replied “They got sick of me”
    This story may have been told over and over again in the recruitment industry but 35 years ago it happened and I was the recipient of such excuse.

  2. Chris Spintzyk on Reply

    We had a consultant billing on a project and one day he just disappeared. He was gone for over a year! then one day I get a phone call from him telling me that he is ready to go back to work and does he still have access over at the client offices to go back and start coding.

    When I asked him Fred (not his real name) it has been over a year where the heck have you been? What makes you think that you can just show up again like nothing has happened?

    He told me he was riding his bike and was hit by a car, he landed in a ditch and was there for 2 days before someone found him and he was then in a coma for the past 12 months, that he woke up the week previous and all is well and that he is ready to go right back to work with no issues…

    I swear to God that this is the truth….

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