So this is Christmas…

I was at a Recruitment industry function last week. It was a Christmas networking nibbles and drinks kinda thing. Let’s be honest there’s a lot of that going on over the next month or so and it’s very easy to lose sight of what we are all being paid for.

christmasI hear conflicting stories every silly season… depending on your niche, the state of the market and whether or not your business has won a lucrative deal to place teams of Santas and Elves in every shopping centre across the country. Conflicting stories on just how well your desk will perform over the December and early January period.

For most markets there is a drop off. Don’t let business owners and managers fool you. In 90% of cases you will bill less in the next six weeks than you will in any other corresponding six weeks throughout the year. Simple facts are most companies don’t want to hire people to start before a significant holiday period… many decision makers are taking a big break and won’t make hiring decisions beforehand… and there are just too many parties to go to! Saying that we have never been busier… go figure…

Alright… alright rant over. Just because you may not necessarily bill as much as you’re used to in the next 6 weeks, it doesn’t mean you take your foot off the gas.

Let me go back to the Industry function I was at last week. As with all functions of this ilk there was a welcome and thank you to the sponsors speech… boring… right? Well… wrong.

It was during this speech that I learnt 2 great little takeaways… not the chilli kebab, or dodgy curry type of takeaway… more the penny dropping, intellectual type of takeaway.

Grand Prix’s (pronounced Graan Pries) are cool – Why? Well it was very succinctly put that if you consider your billing year to be a Grand Prix… then the next 6 weeks is your practice lap & testing. You should be using your time to fine tune your engine, replace worn out parts, test your tyres, work out your race strategy… I could go on… but you get the point… right? If there are times over the next six weeks that aren’t producing placements, use that time effectively to plan for 2015. Work on your client strategy, set up meetings for next year, clean up your database and reach out to all candidates to check on their status. Basically, position yourself to be in the best possible shape to start the race. Work towards pole position, and ensure you have prepared for every scenario to be a winner in 2015! Too cliché? Sorry… I’ll move on…


Hindsight for Foresight – Confused? It’s pretty simple really. During the speech the speaker posed the following… ‘If everything from 2014 remained the same in 2015… market conditions… competitors… clients… and candidates. What would you do differently to ensure success?’  Put in a slightly different way, all things being the same from this year to next year… what have you learnt that will give you the competitive advantage?If all things from this year were the same next year the first thing I would do differently is put $1,000 on Admire Reiki for the Caulfield Cup into Adelaide for the Cox Plate into Preferment for the Derby into Protectionist for the Melbourne Cup into Set Square the Oaks. That would have netted me $61,352,537.00 for a start… not that I’m bitter…

christmas2Seriously though… it should give you pause for thought. Strategically what would you do differently? Activities wise what would you do differently, and where would you commit your time?
So… I put to you… the next 6 weeks might well be the most important 6 weeks of your year.
Sure… we have a few parties… yes the odds are your billings may drop off a bit… and you will be (even more) frustrated than usual with your clients and candidates… But, if you put in a killer practice lap, if you prepare strategically & emotionally and… if you learn from the mistakes you made this year… your 2015 could just well be the best recruitment year you have ever have! And wouldn’t that be nice?

Craig Watson



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  1. Mark Hall-Smith on Reply

    Thanks for the article Craig. I couldn’t agree more and coincidentally have just started writing my list – I love a list – of ‘boring’ admin/prep tasks that I need to do mid Dec – mid Jan, to ensure 2015 starts well. Cheers and have a good Christmas.

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