Shaking the Magic Recruitment 8 Ball

magic-8-ball1I’ve banged on before about making sure you drill down on clients & candidates. Knowledge is power and I truly believe that the single, biggest difference between recruiters… and great recruiters is their ability… no courage… to ask the tough questions.

There is a stage in all recruitment processes where you have to ask the candidate and client the closing question. I like to do it earlier, rather than later. Then you can look at overcoming objections… but not too early… you know… do it at that Goldilocks moment… not too hot… not too cold… but juuuust right….magic 8 ball 2

Trouble is, too many recruiters use up all of their courage by asking that close question and then stop… and guess what? They forget… or are too scared to close the close.

I’m not making much sense I know… so let’s work through a practical example.

Your candidate has met with your client twice. Both very positive meetings according to the feedback. You start getting that feeling… you know the one… I’m about to make a big comm… whoops… I mean I’m about to change someone’s life type of feeling. So you ask the question.

When I speak to Mr Client there’s every chance he is going to make an offer of employment. So if he offers the right package and the role that has been discussed, can I accept on your behalf?

Cue magic 8 ball… you know… the all powerful seer novelty toy that helps you make life based decisions? Magic 8 ball has 20 random responses to every question (10 positive, 5 neutral and 5 negative. And it’s a bloody great tool to hone your closing skills.

So, you have asked the above question… you shake the candidate… whoops magic 8 ball… and one of the following (or a variation) will appear.

 It is certain

 It is decidedly so

 Without a doubt

 Yes, definitely

 You may rely on it

 As I see it, yes

 Most likely

 Outlook good

 Yes

 Signs point to yes

 Reply hazy try again

 Ask again later

 Better not tell you now

 Cannot predict now

 Concentrate and ask again

 Don’t count on it

 My reply is no

 My sources say no

 Outlook not so good

 Very doubtful


My question to you is…

What do you ask next?

magic 8 ball3

And that is how you close…

I’d love to hear your comments on this technique (I’m about to become a reseller for magic 8 ball so direct all purchase enquiries through me…).


Until next time keep asking questions!


Craig Watson


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