Recruitment – WTF !

wtfRecruitment can be a stressful job. There are lots of opportunities to get frustrated, disappointed and sometimes angry….even the most mild mannered of recruiters will have found themselves a little hot under the collar now and then.

I’ve read lots of blogs, and probably written a few about the best way to deal with these situations and the emotional fallout….everything from meditation to boxing to inebriation. Each to their own . But sometimes, the scenario is so stupid the only thing to do is just smile and say WTF…..

Last week proved to be an especially rich picking of WTF moments for me:

  • The ‘candidate’ who called to veraciously complain that no one had responded to his application….an application that comprised of a badly written CV strewn with errors (even though applicants had been asked to call first), and which had no relevance to the role being advertised.  WTF – why should I spend any time personally responding to someone who had clearly not even read the advert, let alone taken time to make a half decent effort and was just simply pressing “Apply Now” at random. (The irony that he only now called to complain was lost on him!)
  • The experienced recruiter who approached me looking for a new role because he didn’t get the $20k pay rise on his base that he demanded from his employer. Which might have been fair enough had the guy billed a little more than precisely $0 in the last 6 months. His justification? Simply that “everyone out there is getting a pay rise at the moment” WTF – how in anyone’s world does that equation work?
  • The candidate who half way through her interview with me took out her packed lunch and started eating….because she was on her lunch break and didn’t have time to eat otherwise. WTF – this one probably doesn’t need much more explanation (..and tuna sandwiches none the less!)
  • The agency owner who insisted that his five stage interview process was definitely the best way to hire…..“because if people really want to work here then they will do it.” WTF – you are a start up working out of home in the suburbs. You’ll be lucky to find anyone, let alone someone who is prepared to jump through those hoops.
  • The recruiter who “after careful consideration I will have to turn down your job offer” and went on to explain in great detail the reasons, …all on the back of a quick voicemail I left asking for a chat. WTF – when did anyone offer you a job?
  • The agency owner who had been referred to me and then genuinely suggested that I should do his first placement for free “to prove myself to him”. WTF – now you’re just taking the piss!

Ah recruitment…..yes it can drive you to the edge of madness sometimes…but other times it is just so brilliantly ridiculously, stupidly funny that you just have to say WTF and move on.

Please feel free to share whatever WTF moments you might have experienced recently in the comments below. Give your fellow recruiters a laugh….I’m sure there is some absolute gold out there.

Luke Collard



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  1. Guy from England on Reply

    I remember the time a client (may have been friend) said he could eat infinity peas only to leave peas on his plate at the end of the meal. A true WTF moment – don’t you agree?

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