Recruitment… it’s so Hot right now!

hansel1WARNING – Blatant Advertising Ahead…

Halleluljah brother! Praise the Lord!

Guess what recruiters? After months… no years… of negative posts… predictions of the demise of the recruitment industry… recruiters being blamed for everything from the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby to global warming to the rise of Donald trump. Our time has come!

hansel3Yes! Dust off that old ‘I love my recruiter’ t-shirt. Walk tall and confidently display that compendium that you’ve hidden in the third drawer. And scream proudly from the nearest mountaintop… ‘I am a recruiter! And a bloody good one at that!’

For the past 6 months or so there has been a shift in the market. It began as a barely recognisable trend, but has grown into a tsunami of positivity! And it’s time to talk about it!

From IT to Construction to Business Support… the time has never been better for good recruiters to consider what else is out there for me?

We seldom – if ever – market roles or opportunities here on The Written Reference… but… everyday we are taking calls from existing and new clients. Recruitment business owners are buoyant and they are growing… expanding and hungry for the best talent in the market.

Far be it for me to write a 600-800 word advert for why you should look at a new opportunity… instead… why don’t we talk about your current value in the market?

Ask yourselves the following questions:

  • How long have you been with your current company?
  • What motivates you? (Do you want career progression? Are you saving for something special? Do you want to increase your recruitment skills and network?)
  • Does your current employer satisfy your motivation?

hansel4A good many of you maybe happy, but I suspect most are not.

So… call me… email me… send me a smoke signal.

I’ll buy you a coffee, skype you at 4 in the morning, or take a phone call over dinner.

We can discuss what a good recruiter is earning… what a good recruiter is billing… what opportunities for career development exist in your space.

I’ll need to ask you a few tough questions about your performance… so make sure you have the answers… but seriously what have you got to lose? 0414 341 843


Craig Watson


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