Recruitment Dick-tators

the-great-dictator-17014-hd-wallpapersWhen we set up our business earlier this year, we spent a long time working out what our fees were going to be. We wanted something that was simple, competitive and fair but also reflected the quality of what we do.

And from the feedback, we seem to have got it pretty much right on all those counts. That being said, we are always open to having conversations with prospective clients who are looking for a different arrangement of some sort, and when it makes sense we have been able to do a deal… when it makes sense… when there is something in it for us as well as the client… and definitely not when I am approached like this from someone I have never spoken to…

We have had huge success in sourcing our own recruiters and trainees to this point, but as we continue to expand it looks like we now need to compliment our search by engaging some specialist rec-to-rec firms. I have approached 8-10 firms including yourself and will be looking to select 2 or 3 to work with us.

Given that we have  offices globally with plans to increase that number in the next 6 months, we have a strong brand and will provide you with a long term relationship (globally), I’m keen to find out if you are keen to partner with us? 

To do this you would need to agree to our rates (which are competitive but fair), work with us in a professional manner and provide us only with the profiles we describe…”

Wow ! What an enticing proposal ! Where do I sign up?  Way to make me (and the other 8-10 Rec2Rec’s) feel special!

I know this company, and would have little desire to work with them anyway…and certainly not at the ‘competitive and fair’ rates they proposed. But regardless of any of that, if I knew nothing about them I would be extremely hesitant based purely on this approach. It takes someone to have a pretty high opinion of themselves and their company to go about things this way… or maybe that should be a low opinion… because this suggests that actually they really don’t care who they work with to find their staff… and that can’t be good for anyone.

There is an obvious point here about valuing the service you provide and not being dictated to. Something that the recruitment industry has been guilty of for far too long. For me, one of the best indicators of a really good recruitment agency is one that stands it’s ground, is prepared to walk away from business and looks for win-win partnership with clients.

Compare this story with a client of mine who had multiple roles that he wanted help recruiting for… but instead of suggesting he gets a discount as you might expect, instead offered that he pays a higher fee to ensure he gets my full attention. Don’t those two approaches say something very different about the respective businesses?

I’m never one to cut my nose of to spite my face, so did respond to his message suggesting we speak about his needs, and our service…..but yet to hear back. In the meantime I am busy working on these other roles (..and you can check them out here…)


Luke Collard 



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  1. Ross Clennett on Reply

    I’m impressed that you replied to the email, Luke. I think that sort of email basically deserves the DELETE button simply because, as you mention, the tone of the email (ignoring the compliment-but-means-complement spelling mistake) sets the scene for the (most likely) quality of working relationship ahead ie master-servant. You would think a recruitment leader would know better than to send such an email.

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