C’mon… we’ve all been guilty of it at least one stuff up in our recruitment lives… haven’t we?

recruiterssuck1You know… Like when you inmail a bunch of people for a role you’re sourcing and you forget to change the name when you cut & paste… or… when you put up an ad without making use of the spell check (big rookie error). Or, how about this one?

You receive an email from one of your Temps as follows:

‘Hi Craig,

As you know my 6 month contract at ABC Industries finishes on Friday. I am away on agreed leave at the moment, but I want you to let them know that I want to resign this week.

Thanks for all your help


I couldn’t get on to Miley despite repeated phone calls, emails and texts… so I left 3 messages for the Hiring Manager, before shooting off this email…

‘Hi Billy,

I just heard from Miley. I understand she has this week off. She reminded me that her contract concludes at the end of this week and she informed me that she wouldn’t be returning next week.

I trust Miley achieved all of the outcomes of the assignment. I know that when we spoke two weeks ago you were very impressed by her work.

I have left a number of messages for you and am keen to speak to understand your needs moving forward. If you require a replacement for Miley I have 3 candidates with appropriate skills and experience for you to consider.

I look forward to speaking with you.



recruiterssuck2Perfect right? I thought so too, until Monday morning. Miley called me in a distressed state…from ABC Industries… accusing me of coming in like a wrecking ball… then she had the temerity to say… and I quote… ‘You wre…e…ecked me!’

The fact of the matter was that the message was wre…e…ecked by a hyphen… or lack thereof.

Miley said resign in her email, but she meant re-sign… It took a couple of phone calls… more apologies than a… hmmm… than a…hmmm… I think I’ve got one…than a flatchulent forward in a rugby scrum…  But – in the end – we sorted it out.

Point is… well actually there’s two points:

  1. We (by we I mean recruiters) directly affect peoples’ lives & businesses’ profitability. Agree? It’s a big deal… and not one to be taken lightly. And that means we need to operate with professionalism, care and empathy… and with an incredible eye for detail… at all times. That means cross all i’s and dot all t’s… whoops… I mean dot all i’s and cross all t’s!
  2. We are so much more visible… so expect people to call you out. Open Twitter™ and type in #RecruitersSuck See what I mean? Same if you type Recruiters suck into Google™ People who have a bad experience with our industry make sure the world finds out about it… solution? Refer to point 1!

Often the hardest part of our role is dealing with legacy issues, or cleaning up the mess left from a dodgy recruiter… So don’t be one yourself… And help to improve our Industry. Thank You!

Craig Watson


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  1. Paris Fent on Reply

    Well done Craig. Honesty, frankness and self awareness all go a long way in helping us ‘raise the bar’ for our industry.

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