Recruiters – you’ve kicked your last goal for the year….now do this…

eofyIt’s that time of year again recruiters. You’ve turned up week after week in all conditions; you have put yourself through the wringer in pursuit of glory; taken the knocks and got back up time and time again; and here you are ….at the end of the season again…..otherwise know as end of financial year (for may of us Aussie’s anyway)

If you work for a business that runs on the July – June financial calendar, the 30th June is like the last day of the season. The final siren of the final game has gone. Your results over the last 12 months, good or bad, are consigned to the record books. You will probably be looking forward to some sort of end of season celebration, possibly heading off on a trip with your team to somewhere hot and glamorous. If you have “had a record year” (what…another one!) you should be expecting some sort of financial bonus. And you might walk away with a shiny award or two….some of them might even mean something !

Just like the end of the season, or New Year’s, EOFY should prompt some reflection in everyone (even if that is just “Thank  F*** that’s over with!!”). And, just like the raft of resolutions made on New Year’s that we hope will improve us and make our lives better, we might set ourselves some goals for the new season……financial objectives, a promotion, achieving more work/life balance or something similarly tangible that we can put on our fridge and remind ourselves of…whilst trying to ignore the cranberry and kale superfood smoothies that seemed like a good idea in late December but still remain untouched.

Financial objectives, promotions and the like are all very well and important, of course they are. But if that is where your end of season review starts and ends, then you are not doing yourself justice. Because, in my opinion, these things  come second to the two questions that you really need to ask yourself first?

Q1. What type of recruiter do I want to be?

Do I really want to be managed through a bunch of KPIs or would I prefer to be managed on actual outcomes and the quality of my work?  Do I see myself as a recruiter first and foremost, and a sales person second?  Is the service I am offering really what my clients and candidates want, or just what my boss wants? Am I happy to compromise things like quality and ethics as long as the money comes in the door? Do I really care about any of it as long as I’m making good money?  etc…….

Q2. Can I be that type of recruiter where I currently work?


For the majority of the year we tend to just go with the flow. Life is too busy to sit down and take stock, and unless we are forced into it by redundancy, the sack or some other unexpected turn of events it doesn’t really happen. We just continue to tread along.

For many the result of their pondering will be to just confirm that “I’m good, happy, going great, loving life, amazing, fantastic, couldn’t be better, I imagine this is what heaven is like”……as I am often told when I try to headhunt someone! And if it is then great.

But don’t let this EOFY pass you by without conducting your own end of season review….starting by asking just these two questions. You might be surprised with what you tell yourself!

Luke Collard

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