Recruiters…shit happens … get over it !

The favourite topic in recruitment at the moment seems to be how much the industry is changing and how we all need to adapt or die. Agreed. Quite a few of my blogs have covered this subject. But although the world of recruitment maybe changing more than ever before, some things will never change.

One thing that will never change…. it will always be annoying, frustrating and at sometimes just down right grrrrrrrr !!!! Don’t get me wrong. It will also be very rewarding, enjoyable and lucrative …. or should be. But when people are at the heart of everything you do, it is not always going to be sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

Candidates that you think you have a good relationship with suddenly disappear off the face of the earth. They don’t turn up to interviews. They turn down offers you know they should accept, or even worse they accept a counter offer. Clients make bad, sometimes ridiculously stupid decisions that you can do nothing about. Sometimes, for example,  they get their CEO to meet the candidate after he has accepted the job  and turned down two other offers, only to be told that his handshake wasn’t strong enough to work there (true story!). ***….insert own frustration here…***

When these things happen to you (and they will, regardless of how great a recruiter you are), there is only one thing to do – get over it and quickly.

People are notoriously unpredictable; even the predictable ones. Being messed around and let down sometimes goes with turf of recruitment. Hopefully it won’t happen to you often. But when it does it will probably hurt; it might really hurt!!! If you can learn something from it then do. But also remember that sometimes shit just happens. Don’t beat yourself up over it. …or anyone else (as much as you might like to!).

In difficult times, there are often more frustrations for recruiters and it is easier to become negative, especially if you have only ever been used to the good times. If you really can’t handle it, don’t sit their moaning about it for months on end complaining how shit recruitment is and how everyone is an idiot – do yourself a favour and go and work in an industry that doesn’t involve people. You don’t have to work in recruitment.

But for the majority of recruiters I think the answer is simpler. When something goes wrong, just remember…shit happens and get over it !!!

DISCLAIMER: Yes, this blog has been written partly as a personal cathartic exercise.  Names and identities have been changed or removed to protect the innocent and stop me being sued ! Shit happened….now  I am  over it !!!

Luke Collard


13 thoughts on “Recruiters…shit happens … get over it !

  1. Leah Athanasiadis on Reply

    Hi Luke,

    Yes this is so true! A very well written blog!

    We are all disappointed from time to time, it’s how we pick ourselves up, learn from any mistakes, and move on to bigger and better things that counts. It is truly a challenging industry and I agree, it’s not for everyone. Very good advice to those who don’t enjoy the ups and downs of recruitment, this is the reason most of us love it!

    Leah Athanasiadis MRCSA

  2. Sharon Vandermeer on Reply

    Really well said. Recruitment is an Industry where you need to constantly ask yourself “how much of my energy do I waste on something I have no control over” When you have done all a great recruiter can do – you simply cannot control such things as strength of handshake etc. You need to let it go and spend your time on things that are in your control. It can be a very tough Industry if you allow it to be.

  3. Angie Cave (@angiecave) on Reply

    This article came along at the right time for me – having one of those weeks! So this is a timely reminder to me just to keep on trucking. After all, for every candidate/client that leaves me questioning human-kind, there are 10 others that give me that warm happy feeling inside!

  4. lukecollard on Reply

    Thanks for the comments…..glad you liked the blog. I think we recruiters all need to remind ourselves what a difficult job this can be and give ourselves a break when it goes wrong. Glad I am not the only one ! Keep tuning in…..

  5. Tirunish Abdele on Reply

    Do you know your blog has reached the shores of Africa! Tanzania to be exact. Our recruitment industry is relatively young here, and your blogs are really helping us to develop. Especially this one – keep smiling!

  6. Nadine on Reply

    wow – so well said! As a Manager watching this at times is also hard, but this wonderful career has its emotional ups and downs and how we pick ourselves up is key! Love the blogs …all the way from Sunny South Africa

  7. Navid S on Reply

    A very well written Blog. So true. So many of our recruitment gurus spend an awful lot of time trying to convince the industry that things are changing etc.

    In reality though, this is people’s industry and the key to success is to remain positive and know that the outcome of your work is almost always unpredictable. If you cant deal with uncertainty then recruitment isn’t for you.

  8. Bec on Reply

    This was very relevant for me today. I love my job! But sometimes for about 10 minutes, it’s the BIGGEST GRRRRRRR!

  9. Eric on Reply

    Shit also happens to the recruited. I was recruited into a role for which I was qaulified, but then the company hired a team leader who from all accounts was a psychopath. I was on probation and she didn’t like me. So, I decided I wouldn’t stay – there was no point trying to prove myself during the probationary since she gave every indication that she didn’t want me to work for her (which was confirmed by her trying to get me to sign a from saying that I was being let go due to incompetence – despite the fact I could validate my successes int he short time I was there). Am I over the experience – pretty much – after all, shit happens.

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