Recruiters… Do you even know what you’re doing?

OK… so it’s the end of January already… one third of the quarter gone… one sixth of the financial year spent… one twelfth of the calendar year… well… you get the idea.

plan1So how’s your January been from a billings perspective? Mine’s been rubbish – thanks for asking. I mean, I spent the first 2 weeks getting client’s and candidate’s voicemail, or out of office replies to my emails… and the last 2 weeks speaking to clients who need people soooo desperately they are working 25 hour days and need me to be working for them 25 hours a day, and candidates too freakin’ busy to interview.

But you know what? The buck well and truly stops with me. I knew January was going to be like this… I have been in the game long enough to realise that ‘lining my ducks up in a row’ and ‘managing the process’ is my responsibility – especially at this time of year.

I could bitch and I could moan – like every second person I have spoken to in the industry over the past month, but where’s it going to get me? Empathy? Not Likely… Sympathy? What for a Rec-2-Rec… ummm… I don’t think so. More business? Yeh right!

No. All it will do is increase my levels of stress and pressure, send the wrong message to my staff and piss off my wife… now I’m a Richmond Tigers supporter and I spend six months of every year doing those three things already…

Solution? Or, at least a good starting point… easy… how well do you know your last calendar year?

Think about it… I’m going to ask you 4 very simple questions – all relating to January to December of last year. If you know the answers, and are using that data to plan, sense check and strategise for this year there is absolutely no need for you to ever read another blog post of mine. In fact, send me your details and you can have a go at writing a couple for me…

plan2If you don’t know the answers – it’s not too late… probably… around Valentine’s Day is too late, so get a wriggle on…

  1. 1.     What did you bill last calendar year, and did you hit your target? The first one is always the easiest… If you can’t answer that question and you are a billing recruitment consultant you have no business being in the game… sorry.
  2. 2.     What was the most common role you recruited last year, and how many did you fill? Why? Let’s just say the most common role you filled last year was a Company Accountant, or a Receptionist, or a Solutions Architect, or a Project Manager, or a Fork Lift Driver… and you filled 20 of them. That means, just to remain on par you should have filled 1.666666 Accountants, or Receptionists, or Solutions Architects, etc., etc., etc. in January – have you?
  3. 3.     Who were your top 10 clients in terms of money spent last year… in order? If you don’t know your top 10 find out… tomorrow. Talk to all of them… tomorrow. Get a client meeting… tomorrow. And when you do find out how they think you performed last year. Find out what their strategic, expansion – but most of all – hiring plans are for the current calendar year… and make sure you are working with them to achieve those plans.
  4. 4.     What was your average placement fee last year? Again, it gives you something to work with. Say, for instance you are a Recruitment Consultant working a permanent desk. Last year your average placement fee was $10,464.00… and your monthly target is $30k. It doesn’t take Einstein to work out that you need to make 3 placements per month… I know Einstein was a Physicist, but I don’t know any famous Mathematicians… I could have said ‘…it doesn’t take Ms Burke to work out that you need to make 3 placements per month…’ but unless you were in my year 9 Maths class it would have meant nothing to you… see where I’m going here?

Anyway, my point is you need to understand where you have come from to understand what you need to do next.

If you have the answers to the questions above, you have the information you need to plan and track your year. Right down to what clients you should be spending your most time with, what candidates you should be spending most time with, how many placements you need to make per month and where you need to build your expertise…

There are going to be those out there who are in their first year of recruitment, or have started a role with a new company… simple, go to your boss and ask him/her the above questions in relation to the best biller in the company – and mimic…

Best of luck to you all in the 11 months ahead – and make sure you all have a plan… a good plan…

Speaking of planning…Whenever I fill out an application, in the part that says ‘In an emergency, contact:’ I put Doctor… I mean, what’s my wife going to do?

Craig Watson


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