Recruiters – do you do the ‘one percenters’ ?

In the sporting world they call it the ‘one percenters’ (apparently it’s also an outlawed biker gang but that is another story). They are the small actions that individually seem insignificant, but can ultimately be the difference between average and the great performers. Whatever the scenario, the desire and ability of these people to carry out these ‘one percenters’ makes them the players they are.

The same applies in recruitment.

Great recruiters do them consistently and average recruiters ignore them. It is probably not a KPI or something that is measured. They wouldn’t get called on it if they didn’t do it. But they still do them because, just like sports professionals, the cumulative effect of all these  ‘one percenters’ makes them a lot more successful.

Here are some examples from recruiters I have met recently:

“ When I  take  a reference from a company I always ask the person about their own hiring needs. Every time without fail. Often I get nothing back, but last month I picked up a Sales Director role which I subsequently filled and made my record fee from”

“ I always send my contractors a card on the last day of their contract to say thanks. Last week I was contacted by someone who had been sitting next to one of my contractors. She was impressed by my candidate care (her agency did nothing like this) and I subsequently placed her in a nine-month maternity leave contract

“When I have a new role to fill I always immediately post a quick update on LinkedIn. It is the first thing I do. On one occassion, I received a call immediately by someone who had seen the advert and although they had already accepted a new job, they were intrigued by this opportunity. Two weeks later I placed her and  have since agreed two big retainers to recruit for her”

“If I am targeting an individual who I want to recruit for, I always try to find them on Twitter, and if they are there I follow them. Last week, one of them tweeted that he was stressed because his PA had just phoned in sick. So I called him (timing was obviously great!) and I place  a temp with him”

“ I  call every candidate that I have placed every 6 months, regardless of how long ago I placed them. Because of this, I have re-placed 7 candidates this year”

I could go on,  but you get the picture. If none of these recruiters had done these one percenters, as insignificant they might have seemed at the time, they would not have ended up with the result they did. As recruiters, we often look at the big picture activities – sales calls, interviews, client meetings. And whilst all these things are obviously key to being successful, so are the one percenters. You never know what they will end up giving you.

What are your ‘one percenters’ ?

Luke Collard

5 thoughts on “Recruiters – do you do the ‘one percenters’ ?”

  1. Super post, Luke.

    The best recruiters make sure they do these (and others like them) ‘one percenters’ EVERY day, not just when they feel like it. Setting high standards and striving each day to meet or exceed them are the traits of high performing recruiters in any market, regardless of economic conditions.

  2. Great post, if you do 10 of these ‘one percenters’ you have just gotten 10% better. It really is amazing how often these things bring business and set you aside from your competition

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. It is, without a doubt, the cumulative effect of the “little things” that makes a good performer a great performer. It’s so obvious and yet, so difficult to communicate. Wonderful! Thank you.

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