Recruiters – are you on the right horse?

ImageIt is that time of the year in Australia when horses are running around and everyone seems to become interested in the sport of kings. Work becomes less important for a week or so, and the chat around the water cooler is less about who is going to win the highest biller that month and more about who is going to win the big races. So, our blog this week is very much in the spirit of all things horses……and for those still interested in work this week there is a tenuous link to recruitment.


” You join us for this year’s Recruitment Stakes and a glittering field has been assembled. We are now just minutes from the start and the atmosphere is building.

The resounding favourite is RETAINERONLY, a classy looking horse with a lot of promise. So certain of its chances, some bookies have paid out on bets before the race has been run. He looks a real winner, but can he deliver? Another of the well-recognised chances is the foreign horse MULTINATIONAL who looked an absolute picture in the mounting yard – on the surface of it, everything looks good about this horse.

They are nearly all loaded into the stalls. But CHURN&BURN has unseated his rider. Not the first time this temperamental horse has lost it’s jockey, with this one only coming in yesterday as a last minute replacement. The jockey doesn’t look interested in getting back on board, but the trainer seems to have persuaded him to give it another go and he joins the rest of the field.

They are under starters orders…..and they’re off……..

STARTUP is the first to hit the front and he makes the early pace. He has gone off like the clappers. Not many pundits would have seen that coming. THE FOLLOWER doesn’t like it and moves up quickly to join STARTUP. This gelding has a habit of being dictated to and may regret chasing down the early leader. OUTOFTOUCH has not found a good position and is three wide, without cover. It is going to be difficult to come back from there unless it can get into a better spot.  The rest of the pack is bunched up with SPECIALIST and SOCIALMEDIALOVER best positioned on the rails and having a dream ride.  At the back of the field, THE GENERALIST is running all over the course looking to find some good ground to work in whilst JOBBOARD, the winner of this race three years ago, seems to be lacking the pace and is already falling away.

As we hit the halfway mark STARTUP is beginning to fade and looks like it cannot keep up with the early pace it set.  All the big names are still up there with RETAINERONLY taking up the lead from MULTINATIONAL. SOCIALMEDIALOVER and SPECIALIST are starting to make up ground on these two, whilst it looks like CHURN&BURN is trying to unseat it’s rider…. again! THE GENERALIST is tiring quickly having already run nearly twice as far as any other horse and JOBBOARD is bringing up the rear. What a fall from grace for this once classy horse.

As they hit the 600m mark SOCIALMEDIALOVER and SPECIALIST are in great spots to make their move.  MULTINATIONAL and RETAINERONLY are still leading whilst YOUMAYNEVERHAVEHEARDOFME, who we haven’t seen yet ,has found himself in a great spot.

At 300m, SPECIALIST hits the front and is a neck in front of RETAINERONLY. SOCIALMEDIALOVER still has a lot to do from here and it is between those three and MULTINATIONAL who you can always rely on to be there or thereabouts.

Looks like everything else is out of it now. THE GENERALIST has been pulled up and JOBBOARD has broken down and we can see the green tent arriving. It’s going to be a close finish and as they approach the line. It’s still SPECIALIST from RETAINERONLY and MULTINATIONAL. But here is SOCIALMEDIALOVER coming home strongly.

And the winner is ……….”


So, who do you think won……and more importantly were you are you on the right horse?

Luke Collard 


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