Recruiters – a time for reflection?

anzac day 2012 07In Australia and New Zealand, today is ANZAC Day. It is a day set aside for us all to remember those who served and died in war and conflict. Most countries have something similar. It is a big deal, as it quite rightly should be. We are given a public holiday – so I am writing this from the comfort of my bed, and I will probably head out later to catch up with mates over a few (too many) beers and watch the traditional footy game. And at some point I will take a brief and private moment to say thanks to all those who have allowed me this luxury.

So, what has ANZAC Day got to do with recruitment ? Well, nothing really (although I am sure some creative blogger will come up with “15 reasons why …”). However, a day like today does give us a prompt to reflect on stuff. But before this blog starts sounding like a sermon or a DIY hippie manual,  I will cut to the chase….

Recruitment is a tough old game. In such a fiercely competitive industry, emotions run high and it is inevitable that people fall out. I am sure we have all been there at some point, be it with a client, a candidate, a manager or  colleagues. In my line of  Rec-to-Rec it sometimes feels like we are copping it from all angles some days !!!!  Most of the time it is nothing more than a little spat that is quickly forgotten. Other times, it is a bit more significant. And sometimes those situations can become unpleasant and unnecessary feuds.  I pride myself on not finding myself in those scenarios very often at all. But recently there have been a couple of such situations in our business.

So, today seems like the perfect day (alongside the beer and footy) to put a bit of peace and harmony out there …. and remind myself that it’s better to be friends and where necessary kiss, make-up and move on. So to that end, I wish all of my colleagues, candidates, clients and most of all my competitors a happy ANZAC Day.

Luke Collard


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