Racism is alive & well in Recruitment… or is it?

I live on LinkedIn. I follow my clients on LinkedIn… I source many of my candidates from LinkedIn… and I track my competitors on LinkedIn…

racist1And you know what?

Occasionally… in between all of those inane maths problems and those annoying motivational memes, my feed throws up a little gem of back & forth… of thrust & parry… and of Tyson & Holyfield (without the ear incident).

The passion, the eloquence… and sometimes the blatant stupidity… It’s the kind of public airing of opinion that keeps sucks me right in… and this week we had a cracker!

So… one of my competitors (sorry… not saying which one… no free advertising here), communicated in a post that they were going to be in the UK later in the month, and they would be happy to speak to prospective UK Recruiters looking to immigrate to Oz…

Fairly placid you would have thought… come to think of it fairly standard as well. I looked at the comments, expecting a few standout candidates putting their hands up… yes I was going to contact them and profit off someone else’s post… shoot me. But what I found shocked me… intrigued me and kept me entertained for far longer than it should have…

The first person to comment really set the tone…Slide1

I heard somebody today describe that as pure racism. I mean here we are in the 21st century… in a public forum… stereotyping a race of people representing a profession in a negative manner…

Is it that simple? Am I way off the mark? Should we accept it?Slide1

Let’s just say that the majority – if not all – of the following comments took the opposing view to the first… some even almost apologising…

And then came the clincher… it made me laugh out loud it came from the same guy who posted the original comment… it was priceless.Slide1

Sorry… the point of this blog isn’t really to highlight possible racism in recruitment. That was just sensationalism to try to get you to read this far… did it work? And it’s not to remind you to wait 5 minutes before you hit POST when commenting in a public forum. If you all did that it would diminish the fun I have everyday fourfold. So keep it up… please.

No, the purpose of this post is to question… If we… as an industry believe that the pushy… salesy… in your face style is detrimental to our industry in terms of professionalism… the who’s responsible for driving change? My opinion is it lies fairly & squarely with our industry leaders.

If you are setting KPI’s based on telemarketing calls… or the number of new client visits you can conjure up… or throwing as much candidate mud at a wall hoping for some to stick… then it is you who are at fault for driving the perception that our industry is a bunch of money hungry slimy cowboys… (not my description… my Dad’s).

It’s not the fault of any one nationality looking to forge a professional career in this market… it’s not the fault of Consultants doing what they are trained to do… the fault… and the power to change… lies firmly with leaders.

Now, I’m getting back to LinkedIn… it’s like a Seinfeld episode in there… and I’m hooked!

Craig Watson


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  1. Steve on Reply

    I couldn’t believe what I was reading from that guy then I saw his job ad.. Oh dear. I also understand that he’s had a rough time finding work himself so I put it down to him being bitter.

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