Post-truth recruitment

truthliesPost truth: Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief:

The ‘post truth’ phenomenon has been popularised on the back of the fun and games that was Clinton v Trump. Apparently, post truth articles got more views and shares on social media than the ‘real’ news during the US election…and therefore probably played a significant part in the outcome . There was a wide availability of post truth news – basically made up stories that played to people’s emotions – appearing across social media sites and enthusiastically devoured and shared by anyone happy to assume ‘if it’s on the internet it must be true’ . See also Brexit where any old headline-grabbing story was peddled around as the truth…regardless of whether it was anything like the truth. See also anti-vaccinators. See also Jeff Goldblum death notices (of which there have been many); Courtney K and Beiber dating; Messi is coming to Man Utd (every transfer window since 2012). All these things were apparently definitely 100% true….but were definitely 100% bullshit.

See also the recruitment industry. Post truth might be a new concept to the world…but it’s not in recruitment.

Warm desk. PSA clients. Account management with no sales. I billed $1m last year. That company is shit – never go there. That company is the best. We are the market leaders. I can bring over this and that client. She is a micro-manager. You will have the flexibility to work from home. I heard they are going bust. You will be a manager in 6 months and grow your own team. Best quarter ever. We are opening up a new office next year. Equity. My dog ate my last placement……..

These things might all be true. But how often has the reality of your new job or new employee turned out to be something quite different to what you were expecting? In my experience being a Rec2Rec, quite a lot!

I like to think that most of this industry doesn’t set out to deceive and lie…but by adding a cherry on the top of the truth to make something sound a little sweeter is not unknown and has the same result.

Whatever it is that you are looking for from your employer or your next hire, don’t get sucked in and misled by the post-truth crap. Keep your bullshit radar on at all times. Don’t just believe what you are told, regardless of who is telling you. Don’t accept anything without questioning it first. Don’t base your decision on emotions without knowing the cold hard facts….

By the way, for those that haven’t yet heard yet, the government is going to make anyone who sells recruitment services hold a licence from 2017 which everyone wil need to apply for and will cost $5k per annum. More details from the RCSA.






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