Stressed? Thought so…

Did you know that the recruitment industry is the most stressful industry in the world? That’s right… more stressful than teaching… police work… dairy farming… ambulance driving… hell, it’s even more stressful than the military. I can picture you now… some nodding in agreement… others shaking their heads in disbelief. But I can categorically confirm … Continue reading “Stressed? Thought so…”

Is the need for experience over-rated in recruitment?

I get that the majority of recruitment agencies want experience when they hire a consultant. If I were looking for someone for my business I would ideally want someone with years of experience in my sector and a ready made network of contacts – plug in an go. Lovely jubbly. Lovely jubbly it may be… but there … Continue reading “Is the need for experience over-rated in recruitment?”

Lost your mojo? You’re not alone…

It happens to all of us… and it’s bloody scary. First it’s a little set back… a candidate backs out after accepting a role… or a client calls to tell you they’ve offered to someone else’s candidate… nothing BIG… nothing earth shattering. And then it happens again… you buckle down and remind yourself of the … Continue reading “Lost your mojo? You’re not alone…”

Modern recruitment…. no thanks. I’ll carry on as normal.

If you read articles and blogs about recruitment, listen to some of the experts and thought leaders, and those that would like to think they are (including me!), you will understand that the way recruitment agencies work should be changing. These experts tell us that it’s all about being able to do what companies and their … Continue reading “Modern recruitment…. no thanks. I’ll carry on as normal.”

Recruitment advice for my younger self…

‘Run for the f&*king hills!!! I mean it… step the hell away from this godforsaken career choice you stupid… stupid boy! Don’t fall into it… Don’t give it a try… Don’t believe it when you meet that education recruitment consultant who tells you that you would make a better recruiter than teacher… not to mention … Continue reading “Recruitment advice for my younger self…”

5 reasons I won’t pay your recruitment fee

If you have worked in recruitment for any decent amount of time, you will probably have come up against the scenario where a client starts being difficult when your invoice arrives on their desk…. or before then. In my time working as a recruiter I’ve heard a range of excuses. Fair play to some clients… … Continue reading “5 reasons I won’t pay your recruitment fee”

Pokémon Go ™… talk about candidate short markets…

I know… I know… a blatant attempt to increase readers by referencing perceived current pop culture… sue me. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently you will know all about this Pokémon Go™ craze… right? Most of you will have a strong opinion on the phenomenon… varying from how the hell can grown adults … Continue reading “Pokémon Go ™… talk about candidate short markets…”

The only 3 questions any recruiter needs to ask….

Most of us recruiters these days, will be operating in a candidate short market. So, regardless of how well you have adapted to new sourcing channels and technologies, for most of us the major challenge is finding the quality of talent in the volumes that our clients require. It would be nice if our markets were … Continue reading “The only 3 questions any recruiter needs to ask….”

When Recruiters are Sick…

So I’ve been off work for a week today! I had a cold… that progressed to flu… that scurried on to pneumonia… Pneumonia!!! I know right… 1868 wants its disease back. Anyway, facts are I am bored shitless. I am confined to bed, with no voice and a box and a half of empty tissues … Continue reading “When Recruiters are Sick…”

Recruiters – you’ve kicked your last goal for the year….now do this…

It’s that time of year again recruiters. You’ve turned up week after week in all conditions; you have put yourself through the wringer in pursuit of glory; taken the knocks and got back up time and time again; and here you are ….at the end of the season again…..otherwise know as end of financial year (for may … Continue reading “Recruiters – you’ve kicked your last goal for the year….now do this…”