If I could turn back time…or recreate history…

Conjures up images of Cher and that song– that charted at number 1 in Australia and Norway, number 3 in the United States and number 6 in the United Kingdom. And that music video set on the USS Missouri with Cher straddling a cannon, and wearing a fishnet body stocking…. But that’s not what I … Continue reading “If I could turn back time…or recreate history…”

Superlatives – my absolutely very worst pet hate ever

Exceptional, outstanding, superb, unique.….and other similar superlatives are words that I come across every day when reading job adverts. Reading these types of adverts is a bit like receiving that email from Nigeria advising you that you someone wants to send you a million dollars in return for your bank details. When I see an … Continue reading “Superlatives – my absolutely very worst pet hate ever”

Ego is not a dirty word…or is it?

Let’s be honest, to be successful in recruitment you need a combination of hard work, industry knowledge, deep networks, hunting instincts, a little luck and a healthy dose of ego….. Unfortunately, there are no doctors in recruitment – believe me, not a single doctor specializing in recruitment… I know, I typed Recruitment Doctor into Google … Continue reading “Ego is not a dirty word…or is it?”

A roast without the trimmings isn’t really a roast….

When I first stepped (or more accurately fell) into recruitment 10 years ago, the agency that employed me said they were impressed with my sales background and that is why they hired me. I thought that was odd because recruitment is all about interviewing, matching candidates to clients and helping people find a job…isn’t it? I went … Continue reading “A roast without the trimmings isn’t really a roast….”

From hero to zero…

The boss came in to work today a bit glum. Yesterday, he lost a bit of money on a horse that had won it’s last 3 races but had unexpectedly come last. Based on its previous runs, the horse was expected to win comfortably but had been well beaten. The boss had all sorts of theories … Continue reading “From hero to zero…”

5 Recruitment Career Killers…

I meet with a number of Recruitment Consultants every week who are looking to move on from their current position, or step up to their next opportunity…  I probably speak with a further 10, or more on the phone…. And, to be perfectly honest I’m lucky if I meet with one a week who I … Continue reading “5 Recruitment Career Killers…”

Recruitment – maybe it deserves a bad name.

The recruitment industry gets a bad rap and whilst a lot of it is unjustified, the saying that there is no smoke without fire has some truth here.  I am proud of being a recruiter and truly believe the job I do is important and worthwhile to both individuals and companies. So I get very … Continue reading “Recruitment – maybe it deserves a bad name.”

LinkedIn Whore…Or, ‘Welcome to the 500+ Club’

So, you open up your email and find this waiting for you… LinkedIn Norman Timbuktu has indicated you are a fellow group member of The Recruiter Network – #1 Group for Recruiters I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. – Norman Timbuktu Hmmmmm… There it is right there…. Should I accept? … Continue reading “LinkedIn Whore…Or, ‘Welcome to the 500+ Club’”

The blame game.

Dear Hiring Manager I was sorry to hear that John has left your business after only 2 months. However I am confused as to why you think this was my fault. My role was to provide you with a qualified shortlist of candidates based on the criteria you gave me. The thorough recruitment process I undertook … Continue reading “The blame game.”

Candidate Exclusivity… I want YOURS

Those of you who have read past posts will know that I am a Rec2Rec…  I source, and place the best recruiters in the market into reputable agency brands… Tough job I’ve got – no seriously, I have a tough job. My candidates are recruiters and my clients are recruiters – oh, and I’m a … Continue reading “Candidate Exclusivity… I want YOURS”