Oh For Christ’s Sake!

Seriously… I just had a recruiter tell me she… or he… didn’t need me to help her… or him… uncover their next opportunity… ahhhh Wrong! In his… or her… own words… he… or she… said. ‘Craig, I’m not sure you know your market that well. I’ve been a recruiter for over 3 years and my network is very deep. In fact I probably know more people in my niche than you do. I think from here on in I’ll just explore opportunities myself.’

christ3Let me give a little context before I go on.

This non-gender specific candidate does in fact have 3 years local recruitment experience… well played sir… or madam. Buuuuuut, in those 3 years they also happen to have had 5 different employers. The longest of which was a 12 month stint in internal. Beginning to slowly nod your head yet?

This candidate may very well have a deep network, buuuuuut if that was the case why did they reach out to me in the first place?

Before we go any further let’s talk about one of those recruitment secrets… I know we’re not supposed to talk about it but we all have A, B or C candidates… and we all have A, B or C clients. You know the drill… you send you’re A candidates to you’re A clients… B to B… and so on… all the way down to C to… funnily enough C. Oh… let me pause there while any of my clients or candidates reading this begin to ponder where they fit in… ummm… you should know… A’s the lot of you…

So anyway, given this candidate’s background and taking into consideration they did in fact recruit in a high demand niche I had him… or her… pegged as a C+. I managed to get him… or her… 2 interviews with suitable clients, but he… or she… didn’t cut it. Too jumpy, unstable billing history and culture risk were the given reasons… which I dutifully feedback to the candidate. I even met him… or her… for a coffee to discuss these challenges in person and give my advice. christ2Surprisingly, the candidate didn’t really take the feedback on board and projected the blame back to my clients. Funny, I had just discussed her… or him… with Luke and we had agreed that I should call them to tell them we probably weren’t the right people to represent him… or her… to market. Which was what I was going to do when they sacked me… It sucks not getting in first!

‘What is my point?’ you ask. Fair question is my immediate answer, whilst I ponder a response, (after all, it was a question without fair warning). Ummmmm… well… I guess my point is that if a recruiter, can’t see the point in working with a recruiter to source their next opportunity… especially a pretty ordinary recruiter… the candidate… not me… then you guys must really do it tough…

I have written posts in the past about sacking clients who won’t work with you… you know what? The absolute same goes for candidates. Your responsibility is to give accurate feedback, expert advice and match the candidate with relevant and realistic opportunities. If a candidate can’t recognise that you are the expert, and won’t work with you throughout the process… well… then I say sack him… or her. Only… have the intuitiveness (is that even a word? Well… spell check let it through so must be…), and the guts to do it first… not like me.

Craig Watson


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