Man Flu & other first world problems…

Sorry the post is a little late this week… but… I’m sick. I’ve been sick for almost 2 weeks now and it is pi$$ing me off! I can’t get to sleep at night, because of this annoying ticklish cough, so I wake up tired, grumpy and feeling… well… sicker!

Jen at our office is also sick… she doesn’t complain as much as me… but as has been well documented throughout the course of history… the male genetic make-up clearly struggles more with flu strains & nasty colds than the fairer sex! And before Jen & I were struck down with our maladies (no not melodies… maladies), both Nat & Luke were sick.

Man-Flu1And it got me thinking…

Recruitment is a pretty, bloody, difficult industry to work in when you’re sick. Am I right? I mean… we talk ad-nauseum about the pressure to perform, the need to be available at all hours, the stress of the job. In fact, research shows that the main reasons people leave the industry are stress and pressure… in other words… the mental or emotional challenges.

There’s some really good work being done by progressive businesses in this area. Managing for personalities, flexible hours, peer support etc.

But what about when you become ill in the recruitment world? Your pressure levels remain the same. Your billing targets remain the same and your clients & candidates still want access to you 24/7.

You have the perfect storm of mental stress and physical illness… and it’s hard to get the rest your body needs to bounce back.

What can we do? How does your employer mange these challenges? And more importantly – how do you cope?

For me, I’m going to keep this blog post short, have a lie down (with the phone off) and hopefully the antibiotics will kick in by tomorrow…

Meanwhile… Luke… if you’re reading… Happy 40th birthday pal… enjoy your break in sunny England… and don’t worry about us back here… we’ll be OK!

Craig Watson


4 thoughts on “Man Flu & other first world problems…

  1. Caroline on Reply

    Ah bless, hope you get well soon Craig. I can imagine how miserable you must be feeling at the moment. I just wanted to let you know that your posts always brighten my day (and I’m sure many others feel the same way). Hope you get well soon mate.

    1. Craig Watson on Reply

      Cheers Caroline… yeh poor old me and all that!!! Anyway, whinging about my severe man-flu is not going to get that candidate profile written or client call done is it?!?!?!

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