Make Recruitment Great Again…

great2I was at the first footy training session for the year earlier in the week… not for me… for my 9 year old… the only thing I train these days is the 6:56 City Loop – express from Caulfield to South Yarra… anyway, I digress.

So, I asked one of the other Dads who runs a building company, (and is notorious for one word answers) how business was.

‘Busy.’ He replied. I nodded knowingly… one eye on the sausage sizzle… all the while planning my escape from Captain One-word.

‘I’m hearing that a lot’ I shot back. ‘Seems construction’s showing no sign of slowing?’

‘Na…’ This man is the very model of verbal efficiency.

I managed to make my way over the bbq… and more importantly… the bar. You really do need to give kudos to the way local junior footy clubs pander to parents’ needs on a balmy Tuesday evening! I found myself in a meaningless conversation about the pros and cons of a compulsory mouthguard rule in under 10’s – riveting stuff – when old Captain One-word sauntered over…

This will be good I thought… and brief…

‘Hey… Watto.’ I know right… that was 2 words… 2 WORDS! Oh yeh… and around the footy club they call me Watto… I wear it as a badge of honour… like I still play or something… and the only thing I play is Candy Crush on the 6:56 City Loop – express from Caulfield to South Yarra… anyway, I digress… again.

It seemed that Captain One-word actually wanted to speak about something… ah…maz…ing!

The long and short of it was that the good Captain asked me if I know any good construction recruiters…

great1He told me that he had contacted one of the big players to help him out with an Administrator & an Estimator. He said after he signed their terms he didn’t hear from them for over a week… despite him leaving numerous messages for updates. In the end he placed an ad himself and to his genuine joy he now has over 120 applications to go through… I know… applications don’t necessarily evolve into brilliant candidates… but surely you can see the problem here?

We have enough trouble proving our value to clients. Part of your role as a recruiter is to own your market. Understand where the best candidates are… advise your client about the challenges of the ‘perfect fit’… but most of all work with them.

great3If they want constant communication diarise it. If they need guidance give it… prove your worth! Otherwise business owners at every child’s training session will continue to complain about our industry and our perceived inability to add value to their business.


Help yourself… help make Recruitment great again!

Craig Watson



2 thoughts on “Make Recruitment Great Again…

  1. Henry @ ISL on Reply

    Spot On Craig.
    We’re all service providers these days and most of us service consumers at the right time.
    Running a business is not a sprint – it’s a marathon. The attitude and service you provide or deliver today will form your relationship and most probably new clients for a long time to come.

    Put down the right foundations and you’ll be doing good work for t he future.

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