Lost your mojo? You’re not alone…

mojo1It happens to all of us… and it’s bloody scary.

First it’s a little set back… a candidate backs out after accepting a role… or a client calls to tell you they’ve offered to someone else’s candidate… nothing BIG… nothing earth shattering. And then it happens again… you buckle down and remind yourself of the recruitment rollercoaster… things will turn around.

Then you put up a $0 month… you start feeling the pressure… wake up in the middle of the night panicked that your manager will highlight your failure in the weekly sales meeting… wondering where your next placement is coming from… start to question if you are cut out for recruitment… or whether you will have a job next week.

You’ve lost your mojo and it happens to all of us.

mojo2Isn’t it funny that when you’re making placements everything seems to effortlessly fall into place?

Confidence in our industry is an amazing commodity. If I could bottle it and set up an online store on eBay™ I’d be a millionaire. Eau de Recruiter by Hugo Boss… I’d get a suitably suave and decisive celebrity to front the campaign… I don’t know… maybe Leo Dicaprio, Colin Farrell or Scarlett Johansson. Someone with swagger.

But this is the real world… it may shock you to know that you can’t bottle confidence… well not as far as I’m aware anyway.

So… when you lose your mojo how the hell do you get it back? With every passing week you know you’re getting closer to the sack. The pressure weighs heavier than a sumo wrestler sitting on your shoulder and you are just so tempted to cut corners… Don’t.

I’m all about working smarter… not harder. But in times of lostmojoitis you need to explore everything and most times that includes your work ethic.

To simplify my diagnosis for lostmojoistis (yes it’s a real illness now… well… as of about 2 sentences ago anyway), follow these 5 very simplistic steps:

  1. mojo3Make more client calls – Easy. If you are short on workable jobs you need to get more on. This means getting on the phone… getting in front of clients and demonstrating the value you hold as a recruiter.
  2. Make more candidate calls – If you are working in a candidate short market, make sure you own it! Map… call… interview… understand… place… and repeat.
  3. Always remember quality – I guarantee that if you increase your client and candidate activity and do not compromise the quality and integrity of your work… you will be successful. Hello mojo!
  4. Talk to someone – We have all been through it. Your mojo is a cheeky beast. He… or she will desert you in a second. And then rock back up as if it had never left. Talk to your manager and colleagues and ask how they coped and how they found the little bugger when they lost it… If you don’t feel comfortable you can talk to me craig@watsoncollard.com.au or 0414341843. I’ve lost my mojo more times that the Australian Olympic Swim Team… but then… I find him again.
  5. Believe in Yourself – Pretty corny right? But you need to… you must. If you don’t, your mojo will remain on permanent holiday. Remember the last month or quarter or year that you smashed it. Remember what you did and how you felt… and then quit whining and get yourself back there.

Lastly, I know that we all have lives outside of recruitment. And most of your managers and colleagues have no idea of the shit you maybe going through at home.

But… everybody has personal trials and tribulations… you are not on your own there. Take a quick look around your office right now… go on… see that guy over there with the headset on swaggering like a boss? He’s just found out that his wife… the mother of his young kid… is having an affair. And see the young pretty blonde you never made the effort to get to know properly? Her father has just been diagnosed with a serious… serious illness (and I’m not talking about lostmojoitis). And see your manager who’s been snapping at you for the past couple of weeks? He’s about to lose his house… and maybe his family because he overcapitalised and is trying to gamble his way out of trouble…

You see… you are not the only one struggling.

If you have lost your mojo it’s ultimately up to you (with a little help of course) to find it…

Start today.

Craig Watson


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