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ImageI completely forgot it was Thursday…every other Thursday for the last year or so I have written a little something for this blog (that is why the really good blogs only appear once a fortnight!). Normally I don’t struggle to find something to write about. However this morning, I have nothing!!! I could knock out one of those blogs with titles such as “Top 10 Interview Questions”, “15 Tips For Success” “1278 Ways To Be A Better Recruiter”…. but I hate them.  I‘ve got 59 minutes to get this blog done and I’m struggling …..

Could it be that everything that needs to be written about recruitment has already been written and there is nothing new to talk about?

At the moment I am thinking just that.  I’ve got the one up my sleeve about recruitment being run more like the football transfer market with agents instead of recruiters, a draft system and two ‘windows’ during which companies could buy and sell their staff. But it’s a bit stupid. I’ve got another one that is very controversial and likely to see me in court…. but I’m not brave enough yet to put that one out.

So what do you do when you have to say something…. but you have got nothing really new to say.

It is not just a problem that someone with writers block needing to get a blog out in the next 48 mins has to contend with. In an attempt to make ourselves look more credible  / important / better, we feel a need make a noise. Recruiters are often the worst offenders. You see it on company websites or in proposals, as they wax lyrical about themselves and their service with a lot of fancy sounding words or complicated flow-charts to describe something that is basically simple.  “XXX is a talent management agency with an intricate and seamless framework of sourcing and selection techniques giving stakeholder partners an unrivalled community engagement model “ So basically a recruitment agency…you pretentious w****r ! You also see it on individual’s CVs as they offer superlative filled descriptions of themselves making them sound more like a demi-God.

It has always been my opinion that if you are genuine then you don’t need to fill in the blanks with a lot of mindless noise. You don’t need the sales patter or an extensive vocabulary. You just do what you do and let your results do the talking. In fact I have always found that anyone who feels a need to talk too much is generally talking crap (feel free to call me hypocrite at this point) and it definitely doesn’t make me want to hear more. In the same way that Channel 9 tries to tell us the next episode of The Block will ‘be like nothing you have ever seen before’ (so it is not going to be a bunch of nobodies being over emotional about knocking down a wall?). The result is often nothing like what it says on the tin.

If you have to say something, keep it simple. Don’t bullshit, don’t be patronising and don’t be arrogant. Better still, if you don’t have to say anything….then don’t.”

Bingo…blog done ! Phew…see you in a fortnight when I actually might find something to say.

Luke Collard


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