Is your job de-skilling you?

forward backWe hear a lot about how recruitment is changing…. I’ve written (far too) many blogs on the topic discussing everything from the importance of social media through to why wearing ties is out of date. Some people take an opposite view and think that recruitment has not actually changed that much at all…. apart from some shiny new toys, the game is essentially still the same as it always was and most of the noise is just people jumping on the latest fad.

The reality probably lies somewhere in between. Ignore the basics at your peril but don’t adapt and you will ultimately make life harder for yourself. But whichever side of that fence you sit on, one thing is definitely true for everyone. And it has to be the biggest consideration for anyone who has ambitions to have a career in this industry.

If you are not learning and developing, then at some point that is going to catch up with you.

And the real danger is that you probably won’t realise until it is too late……..

You might be great in your current role and will continue to be for some years to come. You might bill the most and have a heap of awards to your name. You might even allow yourself to think you are pretty top stuff. But wait until you go looking for a new job, and a prospective employer is talking about stuff you haven’t got a clue about, or you are giving answers that were relevant 3 years ago. You may be surprised as to how much the industry has moved on ….and how far behind you are (if only in perception). Suddenly you are not quite the top stuff that you think you are.

As a Rec2Rec unfortunately I see this all the time. Recruiters coming to the market who don’t talk the language, or have the thinking, mindset and insights that a lot of agencies these days do.

So, a simple word of advice / warning. Regardless of whether you think recruitment has changed dramatically, or not at all, you need to make sure you are always staying up to date and moving forward. That will mean different things to different people, but doing nothing cannot be an option.

Look around your current business and compare the sort of stuff you are doing, the language that you are using, the conversations that are being had internally and with clients and candidates, and compare it to other agencies. If it feels like there is a whole different world out there that you are not getting exposed to and are falling behind, act now.

The most common reasons for recruiters leaving jobs are to do with pay, a bad boss, chasing a promotion and poor culture. They are all important, but the number one reason should be about their own development.

So, what have your learnt new recently?


Luke Collard



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