Is your Boss a Psycho?

psycho2According to a recent study… (I know it’s very rare that I start a post with ‘According to a recent study…’ Kind of makes me feel smart… well less stupid anyway).

Anyway… according to a recent study by Bond University & University of San Diego 21% of Bosses exhibit psychopathic tendencies… as opposed to 1% of the general population…

Now that’s a pretty damning stat right? So it got me thinking… the recruitment sector… what percentage of bosses in our industry do you think demonstrate psychopathic tendencies? 25%… 50%… 98%?

psycho1We’ve all had one… The boss that is unpredictable… nasty… unrealistic… self-absorbed… a real pr$ck!

According to the study there is a ‘Dark Triad of Traits’ in the classic Psycho of a Boss.

Do any of these remind you of your Manager?

  • Narcissism: Tendencies of attention-seeking, charm, vanity, grandiose yet low self-esteem, and a willingness to manipulate others.
  • Machiavellianism: Coldness, immoral thinking, long-term manipulation, blunt practicality, and hunger for money, success or power.
  • Psychopathy: Antisocial behaviours, thrill-seeking, manipulation and impulsivity.

I remember a Manager I once had who would hold a weekly ‘strategy meeting’. Everybody had to bring a new idea to the table. An idea that would take our business to the next level. On the surface this is a great initiative. Only thing was… this boss… let’s call him Domingo Parma… (no reason. I just like the name). Used to present the best ideas to the owner of the business and take all of the credit. The one time someone challenged him on it. He sacked them.

psycho3Facts are we work in an industry with a high level of stress & pressure and we are measured on very clear outcomes. Stress and pressure do crazy things to some people… some may say psychopathic things.

Now over to you:

  • Please share any stories you have on Psycho Bosses – believe me – we will all empathise.
  • If you work for a psycho boss pick up the phone and call me. I promise to find you a new role with a less Psycho boss…

Craig Watson


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