If you could change just one thing about recruitment……

change one thingHypotheticals are a wonderful thing. I often find myself tackling some of the big “what if” questions of life. I tend to reserve such intellectual stimulation for the more elaborate scenarios “If I had a super power what would it be” …….“If I found $10m what would I do first”……“If I was managing the England football team who would I play upfront”…..you know the sort of thing.

After a particularly tough day last week in our office when not much went right, we did what any professional recruitment team would do …and headed for a few libations to get a bad day out of our systems. Having a bit of a whinge over a few pints, I posed a hypothetical:

“If you could change just one thing about recruitment, what would it be?”

In the true spirit of hypotheticals, not all the suggestions were sensible, or even remotely possible. A personality altering gun that turned an average candidate into a star is a nice idea ..but then ask a silly question and you will get some even sillier answers. Not all suggestions were as radically unrealistic though, and some were even quite good!

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to pitch the question to a wider audience than a couple of half drunk recruiters having a bad day ! So, I have been asking the question randomly during the last few weeks. The responses have been varied and it has been quite interesting to get an insight (all be it unscientifically) into what people’s pain points are. Here is a random snapshot (and don’t shoot the messenger – I don’t agree with all of them):

“I would make all recruiters have to have a licence or qualification or something like that.”

 “I would ban recruiters using LinkedIn. It makes it too easy for them to find us and spam us with roles they need to fill.”

“Recruiters shouldn’t get commission when they find someone a job. It’s a conflict of interest.”

 “I would make it harder for candidates to apply through job boards – so I don’t get as many irrelevant applications.”

 “I would make them all stop blogging and clogging up my internet with their meaningless nonsense that they think people actually read.”  ….fair enough, point taken !

“There should be a way you can rate recruiters so everyone knows who the good ones and bad ones are….like Tripadvisor for recruiters”

“I would make compendiums that come in more colours than black.”

Whether you work in recruitment, or have used it’s services as a client or candidate, most people have benefited in some way, at some point in their lives. But it is not an industry without it’s challenges. As for me – personally I would like to see the industry be more regulated and make it harder for bad operators to stick around (until the personality altering gun is invented of course).

What about you….if you could change just one thing about recruitment what would it be? Add your suggestion in the comments section below.

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